Engineering Technician I


The Engineering Technician I performs technical support engineering from detailed procedures in such areas at Maintenance, Transportation support, Inventory/Warehouse support and Test and Engineering Operations.


· Ensure safe trips to and from the secure area and other buildings at the Air Force Base.

· Assemble or install equipment or parts requiring simple wiring, soldering, or connecting;

· Perform simple or routine tasks or tests such as; operating and adjusting simple test equipment; operating vehicles and handling equipment and maintaining various records;

· Gather and maintain specified records of engineering data such as tests, drawings, inventory records, maintenance records etc.; performing computations by substituting numbers in specified formulas; plotting data and draws simple curves and graphs

· Conduct maintenance operations

· Function independently to resolve problems; advises staff members in order to meet established objectives.

· Perform maintenance and other logistics functions on fielded systems

· Maintain inventory, prepares order quantities, and tracks resupply activities

· Perform fleet planning, operation and maintenance

· Prepare materials for shipping

· Operate test and diagnostic equipment

· Operate handling equipment

· Operate/Drive various vehicles.

· Other duties as assigne


High School dipliment or equivalent GED

· Valid Drivers License
  • CDL required

· NACI background check required

Pay for this position ranges from $19.00 to $22.50 per hour plus SCA H&W allowance of $4.54 per hour.

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