Adjunct Instructor for Indian Law


The Adjunct Instructor for Indian Law as subject matter experts in their disciplines, shall assist Haskell Indian Nations University in developing and implementing college-level courses and a limited number of developmental courses for the classroom.

  • Facilitate student matriculation in the following outcomes:
  • Completion of associate baccalaureate programs
  • Transfers to other colleges or universities
  • Develop and provide on behalf of Haskell Indian Nations University the following documents in compliance with university guidelines:
  • Course syllabi
  • Assessment and evaluative instruments and the data derived
  • Textbook selection and educational materials for those classes taught
  • Implement curriculum
  • Assist in updating curricula to ensure student learning meets national, state, and local requirements
  • Access software applications/programs to report data for all courses taught with respect to the following:
  • Learning outcomes
  • Assessment outcomes
  • Recommendations for instructional improvement
  • Hold one (1) office hour per 3 credit hour course per week for the following purposes:
  • To answer students' questions
  • To assist students in successfully completing courses offered
  • Students' grades are due the Tuesday after finals week. Submit grades on forms provided by the university before 4:00 pm to the Office of the Vice-President for Academics.
  • Attend relevant university-wide and departmental meetings, like accreditation meetings, assessment meetings, and orientation for new faculty, etc., as can be reasonably expected
  • Administer and return End of the Course Student Evaluations to the respective Dean
  • Adhere to accreditation requirements for Haskell Indian Nations University in the following areas:
  • Academic policies
  • Other academic requirements
  • Other duties as assigned

  • Qualified instructors will hold a minimum of a master's degree, a terminal degree, or an
  • appropriate graduate degree in the subject matter being taught, EXCEPT for indigenous languages
  • Background check required

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Ability to communicate clearly.
  • Ability to teach with ample real-world experience.
  • Ability to show confidence teaching and presenting to a class.
  • Technologically savvy:
  • Ability to utilize email, different online learning systems, and other ways to communicate with students.
  • Passionate about specific academic fields and education in general.
  • Ability to clearly understand curriculum design, pedagogy, and learning outcome alignment.
  • Help first-year students adjust to the university, develop a better understanding of the learning process, and acquire essential academic success skills. Students will be introduced to federal Indian policy through United States Supreme Court decisions and federal laws that affect American Indian nations and individuals. Students study federal case law that both recognizes and impairs Indian Nation sovereignty.
  • Ability to introduce students to the basic principles underlying the sovereignty of Indian Nations and Tribes.
  • Ability to examine threats to sovereignty and the ways in which sovereignty is affected by various aspects of tribes. It is intended that the student gain a greater appreciation of the fragile nature of tribal existence.

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