6 Great Business Ideas For Veterans

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 13, 2018

Jul 13, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Have you recently retired from active duty, or are soon preparing to? If so, you may be wondering what career opportunities are out there for you.

Veterans possess many skills that make them great assets to the workforce. The discipline and leadership skills they possess make them perfect for several industries. From construction to retail, there are many different industries for veterans.

Are you a veteran who has always dreamed of starting your own company? In this article, we'll delve into 6 great business ideas for veterans that you too should consider!

1. Retail Business

Retail may seem like an industry that young people work in before enlisting in the military. But it's an industry that many people work in because they excel in sales later on in life.

Opening a retail business is a great option for veterans who are naturally good at marketing. There's an abundance of choices in goods and products to sell in retail. Plus, you can be your own boss and lead the progress and success of your own store.

First, consider your previous work experiences in retail or in a sales position. Then, think about how well you interact with other people. You can also ask yourself the following questions for help:

  • Are you personable, outgoing, and love to spark conversation?
  • What would you do if you were ever challenged in a sales position?
  • Can you take on the workload of owning a retail store, in addition to being a salesperson?

You could even open a store with a military theme. Many consumers love the idea of supporting a veteran-owned business.

By marketing yourself as a veteran, you'll not only create great appeal towards your business. You'll also open up the doors to meeting and speaking with interested people and fellow veterans.

2. Construction Company

Construction companies are some of the most popular small business ideas for veterans.

Veterans not only possess the physical strength to do construction. Working construction is all about teamwork, which is something veterans are familiar with. Those who like to do physical labor should especially consider working in construction.

Here's a list of things to consider if you want to start your own construction company:

  • Which specific construction services does your community need?
  • What kinds of services can your community afford?
  • How will you differentiate your construction business from other companies?
  • How much will it cost to start and maintain your business in the first year?

There are many different construction services you could offer as a veteran-owned business. Take a veteran-owned solar company like Semper Solaris, for example. They've recently teamed up with another company to repair a veteran's damaged roof.

If starting your own appeals to you, first, find a mentor who has worked in construction. They can help you get started and teach you everything there is to know.

3. Survival School

You may find it surprising at how many consumers out there are in the market to learn outdoor survival. As a veteran, you already possess the knowledge of how to survive outdoors and in combat. Many people would trust you to teach them.

Consider what you specialized in or what you have experience with. Were you a medic who understands first aid in the wilderness? Do you know about avalanche rescue or how to survive in the desert?

You can offer training courses to everyone who enrolls in your survival school. You could market your school to aspiring soldiers and outdoor adventurers. You could even market your school to troubled youth or to those who simply want to learn about survival.

4. Self-Defense Training School

If survival school doesn't appeal to you, consider teaching self-defense. Again, you learned how to defend yourself while training to become a soldier. There are many people out there who want and need to learn self-defense in their everyday lives.

You could certainly find employment with a self-defense school. But self-defense training schools are great small business ideas for veterans.

You wouldn't necessarily have to hire anybody else. Nor would you have to open up an actual brick and mortar business. You could market yourself and get hired to teach in schools, at people's homes, or in your own home.

5. Extreme Adventure Travel Agency

Do you love adventures and still seek the thrills you experienced during active duty? Do you also love traveling and planning trips? If so, you may want to consider opening up your own extreme adventure travel agency.

Rock climbing, skydiving, cliff jumping, mountain biking. There are all types of extreme adventures. And you could take your love for them and help others book vacations to enjoy the same.

This is the type of company you could start and run from your home. But to build your credibility, you'd need a portfolio, first and foremost.

Do you have an extensive list of extreme adventures you've gone on with photos and testimonials? If so, think about starting your own website where you showcase them.

Then, you'll want to build relationships with other extreme adventurers who own their own businesses. You could partner up with them, as well. That way, you can offer exclusive deals to adventurers who book through your agency.

6. Life Coaching

Believe it or not, but there are many ways you can apply your experiences in the military to life outside it.

Everyone from managers and CEOs to teachers and young adults seeks life coaching. And as a veteran, you may be the one who can coach them and help them through life's trials and tribulations.

Becoming a life coach is a great way to not only run your own business but to help others. You could apply actual tactics you learned in the military to help others. Or, you could simply speak about your experiences in the military and what they taught you.

You could certainly start your own website and market yourself as a life coach from home. But you can also build your portfolio by writing articles, starting a podcast, or volunteering in the community.

Learn More About Business Ideas for Veterans

Many veterans often worry about how they will cope with life after the military. They often wonder about what kind of work they'll do and how they'll occupy their day-to-day routine.

But the possibilities are truly endless for veterans who are coming out of active duty. And there are many different business ideas for veterans who want to be at the steering wheels of their own careers.

To learn more about other career ideas and business opportunities, check out our blog!