10 Break Room Ideas Your Employees Will Love

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 14, 2018

Jul 14, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

A happy employee is a more productive employee. Productive employees are better for business. Your employees are there to work but break time is all about them.

So how do you motivate, inspire and relieve stress in their workday?

We have some awesome employee break room ideas that will blow their minds.

You can attract the best talent in the field by something as simple as providing perks like an amazing employee lounge.

Check out these break room ideas that could make you the boss of the year.

Fun and Games Break Room Ideas

Those who work hard usually like to play hard. Why not give your employees a workplace where they get to do both?

You can inspire them and relieve their stress just by adding a few fun accessories to turn your break room into the ultimate games break room.

But if you're giving the room a makeover why not go all the way?


Companies have started to realize the value of a happy employee. Many provide video games, life-sized board games, pool, foosball and more.

Adding a game table and a few game boards could help team building.

Even a simple addition of a Wii or PlayStation to the breakroom television can give your staff a few minutes to unwind between big deadlines.

Your team is more likely to bounce around ideas around a pool table or playing table tennis than trying to keep their eyes open around a boardroom table.

Sports and Exercise Room

Perhaps your staff prefers outdoor sports. Why not add a putting green or virtual reality golf screen?

Many companies have added a workout or exercise room with stationary bikes, ellipticals and other equipment for employees to stay physically fit and help them mentally focus.

Energy, Brain Foods, and Focus

Even the most successful bosses know that it's the small things, like caffeine, that matter.

Coffee and Tea Bar

In-house cafe style break room ideas are a big hit with employees looking for a jolt of energy in the middle of the day.

Specialty coffee makers are readily available and an economical way to show your staff some love.

It's not hard to offer a wide variety of flavors and types of coffee and tea with pod coffee makers giving hundreds of choices.

An In-House Cafe

Offering several beverage choices along with some pastry and healthy food can give your team the energy, brain power and focus they need to help you succeed.

DropBox and other tech companies are even providing in-house baristas to make sure the coffee and food provided are top quality. Many offer free hot meals for breakfast and lunch, providing an incentive to come in early and not stray far during their lunch break.

It also helps them have the brain fuel to be more productive during their day rather than thinking about sneaking away for a snack.

Creative Juices Break Room Ideas

If you really want to get your staff's creative juices flowing why not set up a juice smoothie bar where employees can get their daily servings of fruit and veggies while as they brainstorm ideas for your next big project.

Juice and Breakfast Bar

Amazon offers a free employee juice and breakfast bar on Mondays, catered lunches every day, Happy Hour Fridays and snacks anytime.

Google offers a cafe with a juice bar and gives all meals for free to their employees along with an in-house gym, nap pods, and massage therapists as just some of their employee break room ideas.

Do What You Can

While you may not be able to provide all the perks of big technology companies like Amazon, Google, and DropBox can, it is possible to brighten up your employees' days with starting small.

Have an area in the lunchroom where you can set up a fruit juice bar, coffee bar or salad bar to treat your employees and show them appreciation.

Ensure your team has all the energy they need and they stay hydrated and healthy by providing juice, fruit, healthy food and filtered water throughout the work week.

It doesn't take a huge investment to create a positive work environment and boost team morale.

You can inspire creativity with something as simple as a whiteboard or chalkboard wall, meditation rooms or breakfast brainstorming sessions.

Relaxation and Recreation

Microsoft wants their employees to relax and have fun with their youthful and inspiring company culture. They've gone as far as building treehouse office space to help their employees think outside the box and relax while doing it.

Go Green

Help your staff breath easier by adding some real plants to your office space and incorporate living greenery into your break room ideas.

Some companies even have an outdoor garden on the rooftop or in green areas to provide gardening opportunities and provide fresh vegetables, fruit, and flowers for the office.


Many companies now offer in-house yoga and meditation as well as nap pods and massage therapists so their team can de-stress and focus.

Offering yoga or meditation can be an easy way to help your staff relax and concentrate more fully on work.

Naps Aren't Just For Preschoolers

No one is at their best when they're tired. All their concentration goes to trying to keep their eyes open. Nap pods have become all the rage for millennial-oriented companies, but you don't have to invest in something so elaborate.

Turn a small room or area of your office into a quiet space, give a blanket, cot, and ear plugs so your team can catch 40 winks if they need them before tackling the next big task.

It's About Showing Some Love

Exercise and break room ideas have gone to the next level in recent decades with a focus on company culture and employee appreciation gaining force.

Many CEOs and managers realize their employees are what makes their business. Customer service is everything and if the employee's disgruntled, stressed or unhappy that will show in their service.

The top talent will go where they're appreciated and you can provide that to your staff with a few simple break room ideas that express it.

No one expects you to provide all the perks that huge corporations do, but taking the time to implement some employee appreciation initiatives can let your team know you care.

Good For Business

In a world where one in five are dealing with a mental illness, and many stress about financial, physical, emotional demands of life it's good for your business to take care of your employees.

A happier staff is a healthier staff and a more helpful one. That translates into better business and greater profits for you.

It doesn't take much to add a specialty coffee maker or to paint a wall with chalkboard paint but it can make a huge difference in the heart, health, and work of your team.

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