Top 5 Schools for Aspiring Pharmacists

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 10, 2018

Jul 10, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

The medical industry is under constant innovation. Especially the pharmaceutical and alternative medicine industries.

Pharmaceuticals are more important now than ever. Pharmaceuticals treat illnesses and can even save lives. The industry demands talented professionals with the best training.

If you want a career in pharmacy, the school you go to will make the most difference.

The best pharmacy schools constantly update their curriculum and their lessons. You'll always learn the newest technology and receive on-site training.

But so many schools offer pharmaceutical programs. It's difficult knowing which schools are better than others.

Here are the 5 top pharmacy schools. These schools are the perfect start to a successful pharmacy career.

1. Harvard Medical School

Harvard was founded in 1782 and is one of the most prestigious schools in the United States.

If you're wondering how to become a pharmacist, this is the school to go to. So it's no wonder that they have one of the best medical programs in the world.

Both faculty members and alumni have been recognized for their medical contributions, some have even received Noble Peace Prizes for their work.

2. University of California, School of Medicine

The University of California has multiple medical departments, such as Emergency Medicine and Pathology.

They are known for training their students for making major changes to pharmaceuticals. Two of the current largest study areas include AIDS and Stem Cell research.

There are training sites directly linked to the school, giving students plenty of on-site training.

3. University of Washington, School of Medicine

The University of Washington has a diverse medical program. They are renowned for their pharmacy program, but students can specialize in other areas. This college specializes in training physicians, specifically primary care.

For pharmaceuticals, this university has specialized medicine programs. These include pain medicine and rehabilitation medicine research.

4. John Hopkins University, School of Medicine

The school of medicine was developed in 1893. 16 Noble Laureates are associated with this university.

John Hopkins University is credited with developing some major medical advancements. These include the first treatment for sickle cell disease and developing the first biological pacemaker for the heart.

This school operates many different hospitals, so students receive on-site training.

5. Stanford University School of Medicine

Stanford University has three medicinal areas of study: the classic School of Medicine, the Healthcare Center, and the Children's Healthcare Center.

This school has major achievements including the first heart transplant and the discovery of the brain chemical Dynorphin.

Eight recipients from Stanford have been awarded the Noble Peace Prize.

Will You Attend These Top Pharmacy Schools?

Studying pharmaceuticals and medicine is a rewarding educational opportunity. But you should ensure you're attending the top pharmacy schools.

These five schools have incredible history and have made amazing achievements in health and medicine.

Since medicine is constantly evolving, these schools will train you in the latest technology. They also promote making new achievements in the world of medicine.

No matter what medicinal sector you choose, these schools will give you a rewarding career.

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