How to Begin a Successful Career in Video Marketing

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 9, 2018

Jul 9, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

By 2019, 80% of the internet will be used for watching videos. But that doesn't mean that anyone with a Smartphone or a video camera can just point, shoot, and make a million.

Like everything else, there is an art form to creating great videos that people actually want to watch and (hopefully) share with others. Especially if you're trying to create videos to market services and/or products.

There are skills you need to acquire in order to become a topnotch video marketing specialist. With that in mind, we're sharing with you our favorite tips on how to begin a successful career in video marketing.

Hook Your Audience in the First 10 Seconds With Great Video Marketing

With over 1.8 billion websites available for view on the internet (and constantly growing), you've got a lot of competition. While not all of the sites feature videos, a great deal of them will.

And humans get bored quickly, especially when we have tons of other options. If you only learn one of the video marketing tips we share with you today, learn how to capture people's interest in 10 seconds or less.

Start off by immediately hooking your audience in. Let them know what they can expect and get them excited to continue watching. Otherwise, you've just created a video that no one might ever see the end of.

If you can start a video by answering the question, "why should anyone watch this" then you've done your job correctly.

Focus on the Story

Video best practices tell us to focus on the story, not on the sale. That's because your audience will know that they're watching one long commercial and quickly lose interest.

There's also a ton of sales videos found all over the internet that are already irritating people and turning them off. Don't become part of that crowd.

Instead, focus on the story. The same rules used for written content marketing should always be applied to video marketing best practices. Provide value and your customers will respond.

Discover what your customer's needs and wants are. Then create a video that appeals to their desires.

Don't forget to use the same SEO best practices that you would for written content for your video. And don't be afraid to place a call to action with a trackable URL at the end of your video. As long as it fits into your story, it's fine.

Embrace and Learn from Failure

Learning to market videos effectively takes time. You're not going to start out creating videos like you're Steven Spielberg.

Be prepared to fail. However, when you do, learn from your failure and then quickly move on and try something new. Do not allow perceived failures to bother you. No one is 100% successful all the time.

Don't be afraid to separate yourself from the pack. Playing it safe is usually boring. And while you may have some brand guidelines to contend with, step out of your safety zone and try something new.

You'll find that if you don't get in your own way that you'll quickly learn how to market effectively and you'll meet with success sooner.

Cut Out the Clutter

It doesn't matter if the medium is a book, a tv show, a movie or a marketing video. If it's too long, contains information you don't need, or it's boring, your audience will tune it out.

Clutter in any of its forms just serves to confuse and overwhelm your audience. Even if you have justifiable reasons like optimizing your video for SEO (search engine optimization), it's all for nothing if your audience stops paying attention.

Make sure to follow video marketing best practices by cutting any unnecessary fluff and clutter from your videos. Instead, focus on making every single second count.

Only Work with the Best

What is video marketing? It's creating videos people actually want to watch. Which means you need to work with props that people want to see.

As with everything else, people are going to form their own opinions as they watch your marketing videos. Make sure that you only work with the best to ensure their opinions are as positive as possible.

If you have a charismatic employee or leader, get them to work on the video. Your audience will respond positively to that charisma and you may have a great spokesperson to work with on future videos.

If you are working with people outside your organization, make sure they are experts in their field and can capture the essence of your brand when they represent you.

This is the time to put your video best practices to the test. By surrounding yourself with a professional team who understands your vision, they can help you create a great marketing video.

Consider Hiring Outside Talent

When you view YouTube, it really does seem like any idiot can create a video that someone will watch. Except, you're looking to capture the attention of your consumers and you want to impress them.

Which means it's not always the best idea to work within the company. If you can't find employees or individuals within the firm, it's a smart idea to look for outside talent.

And it's usually a great idea to work with outside talent for a few reasons. First, they're professionals. They know how to act, speak, and work in front of a camera. An employee may say they are comfortable only to freeze when the camera light turns on.

Professionals also know how to look and act the part. They know how to get and hold the audience's attention. Professional actors are also usually looking for work and are grateful for almost any gig.

That's Entertainment

If you own a B2B business, you might feel that entertaining your customer base is the wrong idea. After all, you're a serious business looking to do business with other serious businesses.

But these businesses are made up of people who are probably sick and tired of being bored. It's okay to try something new.

Humor comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes. Take a chance and stand out from your competition by creating a humorous video. You might find you gain a whole new audience who appreciates your fresh, new view on things.

Don't Forget Your SEO Video Marketing Best Practices

No video marketing tips article would be complete if we didn't discuss using SEO in all of your videos. You should do this so that search engines find your videos easier.

It also helps your customers find you more easily as well. In order to get the most SEO value from your videos, host it first on your own domain. Do this before you upload your videos to any social media or sharing sites.

Don't forget to enable embedding in your video. That can help you increase your ability to receive inbound marketing links. You should also create a video sitemap.

As with all things SEO, your description counts for a lot. That's because your description allows Googles search spiders to understand what your video is about. It also helps Google understand what content you're sharing.

Tag your videos with relevant keywords. Develop full descriptions and create unique titles. Fill out every box you can to help Google rank your video higher.

Share Your Videos

What is video marketing? It's placing your videos on sites where it will gather the right attention and bring new customers to your business.

It doesn't matter how talented you are as a videographer. If you don't have a distribution strategy, no one will ever see them.

If you haven't already, get on social media. Create profiles on sites that are most likely to have your niche audience as members. Join communities on those sites.

Then start posting and sharing your videos. If you already have a large following on social media, videos are a great way to reach your target audience, generate engagement, and have people share your videos.

Don't forget that you can also embed your videos within your blog posts and articles. You can also share links to your videos if you have e-mail subscribers. Doing all of this will only help to increase your ROI (return on investment).

If you do consider advertising on social media, read their rules and guidelines first to ensure your videos don't get banned. Also, each social media site has their own distinct way of letting you advertise on their site.

Click here if you want to learn how does YouTube advertising work.

Track Your Results

Part of video best practices is learning how to understand and use your results. If you don't know how to track your results, now is the time to learn.

This will help you understand exactly who is responding to your videos and who isn't. You should also be able to see how long most people are watching your videos for.

This will give you insight as to what is and what isn't working. If you find you have a high bounce rate, it's an indication that your video isn't capturing their attention.

While at first tracking your results may seem a bit disappointing if the numbers are below your expectations, but if you learn to use this information to create better videos, you'll quickly find your results changing for the better.

Keep Learning

The internet is constantly changing. How we market to our audience also changes over time as consumers become savvier.

The best way to ensure a long career in video marketing is to keep learning. Our blog can help. We're constantly sharing articles to help you achieve greater success in business. Click here to read more.