5 Side Jobs to Help You Get Out of Debt

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 9, 2018

Jul 9, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

So, you've been spending a little bit more than your budget allows for recently.

Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed by student loan debt, have been hit with an unexpected medical bill, or had to take out a loan for another reason.

No matter what, you need to get out of debt -- as soon as possible.

But your current salary leaves a lot to be desired, and you're starting to feel trapped by a cycle of debt.

Don't panic.

One of the best ways to get out of debt?

By picking up a few side jobs.

Which ones are the most lucrative.

Keep on reading to learn more about the best side jobs for cash that will allow you to do what you enjoy and pay down your debt.

1. Get a Nannying Gig

The first step towards finding the best side jobs?

Understand your level of debt.

Make sure you know your credit score, the exact amount of debt you need to pay off, (and by when you need to pay it) and the interest rates you'll be charged.

To get more familiar with your finances, we suggest checking out this post from Wire Lend. In some cases, you may even be eligible for a loan to help you to kickstart your side hustle or new business venture.

If you're looking for side jobs to make money, nannying is one of the most classic -- and most popular options.

Websites like Care.com make it easy for you to create a profile, submit to background checks and other screenings, and connect with parents who need a last-minute sitter in your area.

Nannying isn't just a lucrative gig -- it's also a fun one.

2. Become a Dog Walker

Need more time with the four-legged friends in your life?

Whether you own a dog or just spend hours dreaming that you did, becoming a dog walker -- especially if you live in a bigger city -- is a side hustle that's great for your mind and body.

It can be an even better way to make some money if your normal working hours are outside of the traditional nine-to-five slot. This way, when most people are at work, you can come feed, play with, and play with, and walk their pups.

Use apps like Wag! or Rover to make it happen for you.

3. Create your own Blog

You love writing -- and you've got a serious obsession with a niche topic.

Whether you want to write about what parenting is really like, or if you just want to share your love of fly fishing with the world, blogging can quickly become a great side hustle.

Using things like Google AdWords, affiliate blogging, and much more, you can work from home, write about the things you love, and make some extra cash in the process.

4. Start an Etsy Shop

If you're more interested in finding side jobs online that allow you to flex your crafting muscles -- or your love of vintage clothing or upcycled furniture -- then look no further than starting your own Etsy shop.

You can even use Etsy to get rid of your old, unwanted clothing or other household items. So, not only will you be able to clear out clutter, you'll also come into some extra cash.

When creating your profile, make sure that you take several photos of the items you're offering. Include things like dimensions/size, the level of wear and tear, and detailed descriptions of any flaws on the items.

When you make your sales, incentivize your clients to leave you reviews by offering them discounts off of their next purchases from your shop.

Creating an Etsy shop is one of the most popular side jobs because it allows you to be your own boss, go treasure hunting or spend the evenings after work crafting, and to get paid for it all.

5. Tutor a Student or Adult Learner

One of the best side jobs for those who have a serious love of learning -- and expert academic credentials to back it all up?

Consider signing up on websites like Wyzant to advertise your tutoring services online.

We especially love the Wyzant platform, because it connects you with both local and online learners. When it comes to what you can tutor, the sky is the limit.

Maybe you have an old ESL teaching certification that you haven't done anything with in years. Perhaps your main job is working as an editor, which would allow you help students to craft the perfect college entrance essay.

You could prepare high school students for the SATs, help adult learners to master a new language before an upcoming trip or move, or even teach craft skills like embroidery or crochet.

Though Wyzant does take a small commission out of your earnings, the tradeoff is that you don't have to go hunting for students.

Instead, you can create a profile, explain your skill set and your available hours, and immediately link up with potential students who want to learn from you.

Looking for Additional Side Jobs?

Whether you decide to become a dog walker after hours, or if you feel that tutoring is more your thing, we hope that this list of the potential side jobs you can pick up to get out of debt has been helpful.

Of course, the gigs on this list are far from the only options that you have to make a little extra money on the side.

Looking to connect with more part-time or short-term work?

Use our national job board to make it happen.

Then, keep on checking back with our blog to learn how to leverage your career and earn the salary you deserve.