10 Effective Tips for Getting Into the College of Your Choice

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Nov 1, 2021

Nov 1, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

Did you know that going to college is vital to landing your dream job? Experts say that getting into college is even more important these days than it was in the past.

If there's a job you've always dreamed of doing, a college degree is the best aid to getting hired. It's one of the first things employers investigate and it always makes a resume look attractive.

This is the reason why we've put together a thorough guide on how to get into a good college without fail. Each of these tips will get you closer to your favorite college so that you'll reach all of your job-seeking goals. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

1. Understand the Evaluation Process

One of the first steps of learning how to get into college is taking the time to understand what evaluators look at when you apply. The level of your grades and test scores always play a part, but these things are no longer the main focus. 

Evaluators often want to see a well-rounded individual who is both driven and involved with their community. You'll need to think about this ideal as you make your way through your education.

It sounds like a lot, but as long as you work hard and persevere, you'll show off your top attributes. It's all about finding the right balance in your schooling without succumbing to stress.  

Academic Challenges

The next factor that college admissions take into consideration is the type of classes you attended during your school years. Achieving high grades in those classes is only half the battle.

They also want to see a student that goes for a challenge and takes harder classes. Someone who chooses the easy route and coasts through the school year doesn't spark as much interest as one who tries new things. Evaluators want to read about a student that doesn't hold back from their academic goals.

Honors and AP classes both play a part in this evaluation. The more of these you have on your record, the more likely those evaluators will take a second look.


Everything you do outside of school gives extra weight to your college acceptance rate. This includes any sports you participated in and any clubs you joined. Academic sports are also a great way to show colleges that you are serious about your education and are apt enough to keep up with high levels of learning. 

The important thing to keep in mind if you want to go to a great college is that these extracurricular activities need to be steady throughout all of your high school years. It looks better to get involved with a few of these activities throughout all of the years than it is to cram as many as you can your senior year.

Try to stay with the same activities from one year to the next whenever possible. This shows that you're dedicated and willing to work with others. Make sure to pick activities that interest you or else it'll be far more difficult to stick with them in the long run.


Another aspect that colleges look for is the person behind the grades. They want to see a person that shines above the rest. Someone who helps others and wants to do good in the world.

Every college aims to help the best students excel in any job they desire.

Try volunteering at your local shelter. Spend time at a nursing home. These things show colleges that you want to better your community and are willing to put in the time to make it happen.

Plus, volunteering gives you a lot of experience with a wide variety of different situations. This always looks good on a college application or a resume.

It's also a useful idea to look into the values of your favorite college. Try to emulate these values in your activities and studies to show that you're the perfect match for them.


Do you have a good relationship with a teacher or guidance counselor? Do you have a part-time job and are friends with the boss?

These are the perfect examples of people you'd want to ask for recommendations. Having reputable people explain your best aspects is a great way to show evaluators that you're worth their time. It's sure to lift you to the top of the admissions stack.

Keep in mind that teachers and counselors may receive many recommendation requests all at once. It's prudent to ask for the recommendation far in advance to give them ample time to fulfill the request.

Don't forget to ask a variety of people for recommendations. This enables you to cover all your bases and show the admissions team everything you'll bring to their school!

2. Research Every College

Sometimes knowing how to get accepted into college means you need to learn everything about the college in question.

What sort of skills do they value most? What are their admission requirements? Do they do in-person interviews?

If you don't know the answer to these questions, you may submit your application incorrectly. This squanders all of your hopes at getting into that perfect college.

The best part about researching colleges is that you get to learn more about what's available to you. There might be a college somewhere that has everything you need to achieve your goals. There might be a better match than the one you've had your eye on.

It's better to know about the college you're applying to than to go into the application process blind.

3. Focus On Relevant Courses

If you have a specific job in mind, it's important that you fill out your school years with classes and extra activities that blend well with that goal. You want to show the admissions team that you are already thinking about your future.

Many schools have extra programs that give students real-life training in different fields. Take advantage of those programs if your school offers them. They give invaluable experiences that you can't replicate in a classroom.

It's also good to make certain that the college you've chosen offers the courses you need to get that job you want and all of the big promotions you deserve!

4. Pursue Your Interests

It's never a great idea to try and force yourself to do something you have no interest in. It turns the entire process into a grueling task you'll never want to complete. The worst part is that you're setting yourself up for disappointment throughout a long period of your life.

This is why it's always recommended that you pick goals that interest you the most. This makes it easy to find the drive to get the work done. It'll also help with protecting you from depression and anxiety.

Even if a certain class doesn't line up exactly with your job goals, it's okay to take it. Think of it as a treat for all your hard work in other areas of your schooling. These extra classes make for great talking points during other parts of your college applications.

5. Prepare for Interviews

Although not all colleges conduct in-person interviews, it's still a good idea to prepare for them. You don't want to be caught off-guard if you're called in for a sudden interview.

The good news is that many college interview questions remain the same throughout the entire country. Even the toughest questions often have similar themes. This allows you to prepare as much as you want before the big event.

Some other tips to keep in mind include:

  • Dress up for the interview
  • Speak with a clear and audible voice
  • Keep eye contact
  • Research the college beforehand
  • Bring a copy of your application
  • Ask questions

As you continue to do more interviews, it'll get a lot easier to do them again in the future. This provides you with valuable practice for future job interviews, too!

6. Study for the SAT and ACT

Whenever a student sees anything about the SAT and the ACT, they start to worry. Nothing strikes fear in a student's heart quite as much as these tests.

Always give yourself plenty of time to study before these tests begin at your school. It seems overwhelming at first, but if you prepare, you'll do fine. Some colleges don't even look for the scores of these tests so they're not as life-altering as you may have first thought.

It's also good to keep in mind the fact that many schools allow students to re-take these tests. If you feel like you could do better, make sure to get into contact with the officials and see if you can try one more time.

7. Spend Extra Time on the Admission Essay

The essay that goes along with your application is your best chance to tell the evaluators your side of the story. It's the clearest way to get your voice heard. It's also a huge opportunity for you to show off your personality and your passion.

You want to ensure that the essay is well-formatted and edited. It should suit the college's application requirements. Print it on heavy paper to make it feel extra refined.

Take as much time as you need to perfect the essay. Edit and rewrite until every single word is an exultation of you and your desire to be accepted into your dream college.

8. Share Your Passion

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who didn't want to be there? Do you find it easier to talk to someone who shares the same passions as you?

Showing the admissions team your passion for learning goes a long way towards acceptance. They want to know that you want to go to their school. They want to know that you'll put in the effort to do well in all of your courses.

If they don't believe that you have the right kind of passion driving you forward, they'll turn their attention towards someone else.

Don't be afraid to show your excitement. This is your future, after all, and it's okay to be thrilled about it!

9. Build a Respectable Online Presence

The Internet is such a large aspect of our lives these days. It's almost impossible to go through life without at least one social media account. Most of us have multiple that we check every day.

This is why many colleges take the time to go through various sites online to investigate their applicants. It gives them a clear idea as to who the person is and how they interact with the world.

You'll want to keep your online presence in mind as you prepare for college. Think about a college admissions team going through your social media platforms. Would they like what they see?

Keep things appropriate whenever you make a post. Don't attack other people or use hateful language. Use your social media platform as a way to further show your finest qualities!

10. Stay Organized

The process of getting into college isn't always easy. It's even more difficult if you have specific goals in mind and don't want to settle for anything less.

Keeping organized throughout the entire ordeal is the most effective way to keep everything in order. It helps lower stress and stops you from making simple mistakes. You wouldn't want to send a curated application to the wrong college.

Plus, improving your organizational skills is a useful asset whether you want to be a freelance writer or a brain surgeon!

Getting Into College Opens the Door to Opportunities

As soon as you decide on your goals in life, it's time to start thinking about getting into college. The knowledge you gain from extra schooling will give you the biggest chance at working with the best companies in the world.

One of the most important tips to keep in mind is that it's always better to start preparing for college as soon as possible. Give yourself ample time to achieve everything you want in life!

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