Working in Smart Glass: Industry Outlook & Career Opportunities

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Sep 16, 2021

Sep 16, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

If you’re interested in science and engineering and appreciate the excitement that comes from working in a burgeoning industry, the smart glass sector could be the right next step in your career. Before you take the plunge, make sure to know where the industry is headed, what career opportunities exist, and how to find the most suitable smart glass company to work for.

Smart Glass Becoming A Trending Topic 

Smart glass is on the rise - there is no question about it. The use of active smart glass technologies, which began in the early 2000s, is rapidly increasing across a wide range of industries including automotive, construction, architecture, and interior design. In fact, the global smart glass market size was valued at USD $4.6 million in 2019 and is projected to reach $15.7 million by 2027, according to a report by Fortune Business Insights. What’s the driving force behind the increased adoption of smart glass? 

Smart glass holds massive potential when compared to regular glass - the ability to switch between on (transparent) and off (opaque) states electronically provides many aesthetic and functional benefits and removes the need for outdated blinds and shutters. The rising adoption of smart glass means there is a significant amount of research and development in the space, spurring even more innovations now and into the near future. 

But with serious potential comes serious competition. There are several companies manufacturing and distributing smart glass across the world. If you’re interested in getting into the field of smart glass, it pays to understand the different types of companies in the space and some key attributes to look for in your next potential employer. 

Interested In Working In The Smart Glass Industry? Consider These Factors

When it comes to working in the smart glass industry, there is a lot to consider; where is the company located, what’s their reputation, do they offer jobs in your field, product quality and many other factors come into play. 

The truth is, 2020 was a challenging year, and unfortunately, the smart glass industry was impacted by it as well. Supply chains were affected, and some in the smart glass industry were forced to close their doors. 2020 taught customers many lessons. One of which is the importance of working with well-established and resilient manufacturers that are reliable and can provide products even through tough times.

Here’s what you should consider when choosing which Smart Glass company to join:

Smart Glass Manufacturers

Work with actual smart glass manufacturers that are certified by smart glass film manufacturers or have long-term experience versus those that simply resell switchable films made by other companies. By working with a manufacturer of the switchable films (and their lamination/film installation partner network), you are assured that you are getting behind the most cutting-edge smart glass technology and setting yourself up for ongoing career growth and potential.

Global Smart Glass Companies With A Local Presence

A global smart glass company that also has team members on the ground in your region gives you the benefit of working with a local team, as well as the knowledge and quality that comes from working with a truly global brand. Smart Glass is an emerging technology and as such it’s important to work with a company that knows the technology inside and out. Some smaller or more localized Smart Glass companies might only operate in one or two regions, which often leads to working with older versions of SPD or PDLC technologies. 

A Broad Skill Set

Once you’ve considered product quality and location, you’ll want to think about which company is best to provide you with the professional development and career progression you need. If you work in the science and engineering space, you should direct your job hunt toward smart glass companies that have an in-house research and development team and laboratories, like manufacturers, versus those that just focus on sales and marketing, like resellers. Similarly, if you are in sales and marketing but have an affinity for technology, you might derive more job satisfaction from working with a manufacturer, where you’ll get to work breaking down highly technical content and strategizing new go-to market strategies for the latest products. 

There’s no doubt that a career in smart glass technology can be a worthwhile opportunity for you - both financially and in terms of professional growth. It pays to work at the cutting edge of technology in a sector that’s growing rapidly. But you have to keep in mind what to look out for in your potential future employer, taking into account how involved the company is in actually researching and developing the technology versus simply just producing it. That’s how to increase the likelihood you’ll land your ideal job with a company committed to all aspects of company stability and longevity.