Working as Part Of a Yacht Crew: 7 Perks of the Job

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Aug 12, 2021

Aug 12, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

Superb office views, the opportunity to travel the world, and high salaries are just some of the perks of working on a yacht crew. With the number of yacht owners increasing, the demand for yacht crews has never been higher. A yacht crew job offers a rewarding career away from typical 9-5 jobs, for those prepared to put in the hard work.

Working with an experienced yacht crew recruiter is often the best way to secure the right yacht crew job. However, according to Laurence Lewis, President of yacht crew agency YPI CREW, having the right mindset is the key to securing a dream job onboard a superyacht.

“One of the main challenges right now is attracting people with the right mindset,” Lewis said. “Yes, the benefits are superb, but the counterpart is hard work. Yacht crews must cater to the most discerning guests who expect only the very best. Working on yachts is not for everybody and is something you must aspire to.”

If you think you’ve got the right mindset to work on a luxury superyacht as part of the crew, then keep on reading. Here Lewis shares just some of the benefits of working on a yacht crew.

7 of Many Benefits of Working On a Yacht Crew

The best office view (most of the time)

Forget the subway and commuting to work during cold and wet dark mornings. On a luxury yacht, you’re likely to spend most days enjoying views of blue skies coupled with azure blue waters. Yachts follow the sun, so you’ll probably start your day’s work in a beautiful environment. Of course, there are shipyard periods too, which might bring you to some colder climates and industrial sceneries. But those periods last a few weeks or months only and are generally a time to develop new skills and experience another side of yachting.

Away from the beaten path, you can forge a successful and unique career 

No two yachting careers are the same, so sharpen your sense of adventure and be prepared for the unexpected. Hard work, dedication, grit, team spirit, humility, and flexibility will lead you to the top of your field, whether you have chosen a role in the deck, service, chef, or engineering department. There is always a clear path in terms of exams and qualifications. So, what makes each story unique is how you navigate your career on different yachts, each time learning from others and refining your skills.

You can come to yachting from many different avenues

A university background, an apprenticeship, a cadetship, a hotel, or a cruise background are all entry points into yachting. Alternatively, you might be a driven self-starter doing specialized training. There is no set formula to how to enter the world of yachting, which is one of the distinct advantages of the industry.

Discover the world and travel to remote locations

Superyachts travel to some of the world’s most idyllic destinations, and while yacht crew work can be incredibly hard, they also get to enjoy some time off in spectacular locales. Popular cruising destinations include the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, including the region’s iconic Amalfi Coast and the French Riviera. Many of the world’s superyachts and explorer yachts also travel to some of the world’s most remote destinations, including French Polynesia and the ice-filled waters of Antarctica.

Working with the best products and technology

Yachting is all about working with the very best products, technology, and equipment, while also working hard to be the very best and deliver services to the very highest standards. For example, if you are working as a chef, you’ll be cooking with the finest ingredients. Spa therapists will get to work with some of the world’s most luxurious products and newest equipment to deliver the very finest treatments. If you are determined to work with the very best and be the best, then a yacht crew career could be for you.

The chance to save money for your future

Yacht jobs are notoriously well paid. Yacht owners and guests expect the best, so they are prepared to pay to attract the crème de la crème. Of course, these salaries are also supposed to compensate for a life at sea away from shore-based friends, family, and children. As you live on board the yacht, there are no accommodation or food expenses, making it easier to save large sums of money.

Making friends for life

In yachting, you will live and work with the same group of people from different walks of life and cultures. This will give you a chance to make friends for life, cultivate fantastic life experiences, and build memories lasting a lifetime. Upon becoming a yacht crew member, you will also find yourself part of the wider yachting and crew communities on- and offline, so you will never be short of international friends or acquaintances.

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