Moving Up: How to Get a Promotion at Work

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Sep 13, 2021

Sep 13, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

Most people get a promotion after being in their job for three years. 

But, three years feels like an awfully long time when you spend 40 hours a week doing the same role; many people resort to finding a new job when promotions don't materialize. 

If you're ready to put yourself up for a promotion, there are a few ways that you can ensure the job is yours. Don't lose out to smug co-workers - learn how to maximize your chances of becoming the boss. 

Read on for a brief guide to being promotion ready. 

Have a Winning Attitude

If you're looking to get promoted, every day becomes an interview. Your attitude, demeanor, and work ethic will be under constant scrutiny. 

Even if the role isn't advertised yet when it comes to interviews, do you think they'll pick the cheerleader or the office grinch? 

While on the lookout for a promotion, your attitude needs to be brighter than the sun, and your integrity cannot be in question. If you aren't already, it's time to start asking colleagues how they are and bringing in cakes on Fridays. 

Own Your Work Projects 

Don't shy away from praise or acknowledgment; own your projects from start to finish. Make sure everyone knows that you're the spearhead of hard-hitting campaigns. 

Don't blend into the shadows; let yourself shine in the spotlight where it's due - but avoid being obnoxious about it. 

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone 

If you want a work promotion, you need to make your manager's job easy for them. This means stepping out of your comfort zone and up-skilling. 

Your efforts may not always be appreciated, but you'll be known as 'the problem solver with initiative.' When it comes to any interview, you can always guarantee these skills will come in handy in the competency section. 

Take on tasks for your boss and help them realize your true potential - just make sure not to make them think you're sharking for their job! 

Be Prepared for Any Opportunity

When it comes to internal hiring, it's no secret that opportunities aren't always advertised through the official channels. 

You need to be prepared to sell your skillset at any moment - it might be during a walk down a hallway, an informal coffee, or an interview room. 

Make sure you update your resume regularly to include recent projects and skills. Your improving resume will be the key to getting your foot in the door as a serious hire. 

Time to Get a Promotion: You Deserve It

That's your 3-minute guide on how to get a promotion this year.

Make sure to give your attitude a makeover and take credit for your work. Once you're out of your comfort zone, with a resume ready to bust out at any moment, it's promotion time!  

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