How to Land Your First Job as a Virtual Assistant- An Ultimate Guide

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Aug 29, 2021

Aug 29, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

Thanks to the rapid growth in the latest technologies and online businesses, virtual assistants are one of the most demanded jobs these days. Smart business owners and managers realize that there is no need to hire full-time professionals to get a variety of business-related tasks done. They just find and hire skilled remote workers or freelancers from any corner of the world for several business tasks like general administrative work, bookkeeping, invoicing, social media management and copywriting, etc. You as a virtual assistant can support a company or business by doing what they need to be done by using their online tools and systems.

A virtual assistant or VA is a highly skilled and self-employed individual who performs different business-related tasks like administrative, technical, or sometimes digital marketing tasks for a brand or company. The word virtual tells that all of the tasks or jobs can be accomplished online from anywhere by using a variety of tools and solutions. You need to learn the particular skill(s), earn some experience in the market, set up your business details, and then start applying for jobs promoted by reputable brands and companies around the globe.

This article contains some of the best ways to promote your virtual assistance business and land your first job as a virtual assistant.

Determine the work you love to do

Right after completing college, you can have a good idea about what you can do perfectly as a virtual assistant. You can also run a self-assessment task to determine what you like to do and what you are good at. Create a list of services you can offer to potential clients and then pick the right one that you can perform greatly.

At the start, you might be wearing multiple hats. This will include promoting your virtual assistance business, applying for jobs and things you do for existing clients, etc. You will spend lots of hours in front of the screen. You will most likely experience fatigue and pains in your eyes. This is where learning how to stay productive in front of the computer screen can come in handy. It will help you accomplish all the tasks on your to-do list without feeling overwhelmed and land more jobs.

Take training courses

The best place to kickstart your career as a VA is to find some online training courses focused on what you want to accomplish as a virtual assistant. Internet is full of training courses (both free and paid), video tutorials, and skill tools that you can get right now. You can also work with a mentor or career coach to develop the right skills and get the proper training to get started productively.

Figure out the prices to charge

Determining the pricing and fee you will be charging your clients is one of the most important things to consider when working as a virtual assistant and looking to land your first client. The pricing and fee of virtual administrative jobs vary and usually depend on the nature of the job and the size f your client company. Doing quick market research can help you get an idea of what other VAs are charging in the market. It will help you develop the right pricing strategy. Keep in mind that your prices should be enough to meet your business costs and other overheads for a good living.

Build a strong online presence

After understanding your preferences and pricing structure, you should make your business visible and accessible online. Building an appealing, simple yet detailed business website could be the best way to start. It will provide you a professional way to let your potential clients know who you are, what skills you own, what you have done recently, and what your clients say about you. Along with building a website and optimizing it for search engines, you should also create social media profiles to make it a lot easier for potential clients to find and contact you.

Start applying to relevant jobs

Being visible and accessible online is not enough to land your first job as a virtual assistant. But you should also find out the brands and companies looking for virtual assistants and apply for the available positions. Freelancing platforms like Upwork can help you find and connect with the companies that are hiring virtual assistants. When applying for jobs, you should stay professional and efficient in communication as people want instant responses to their queries.

Learn about yourself and your clients

When you stumble upon the marketplace, you will find brands, companies, people, and tasks that you are comfortable with or not. That’s why you should learn about your preferences and understand your clients and their needs to provide them with the most excellent services possible. On-time delivery of excellent services will lead your business to positive client reviews and recommendations upon completion of certain tasks and jobs. This will make your virtual assistance business thrive.

Final Words

When working as a virtual assistant, you can set up a flexible schedule and work routine. That’s why you should focus on what is important and matters most to you. You should also give yourself the best chance to grow by improving your skills and expertise according to the current trends and market demands. Go ahead. Find what you are best at, work out your daily routine, and act. The market needs you.