5 Big Benefits of Becoming an Architect

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 8, 2021

Jul 8, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

If you are looking at becoming an architect, you could not have picked a better time. The US architecture industry is currently on track to grow at near-record levels in 2021, thanks to a building and construction boom that is fuelling a huge demand for qualified architects.

Embarking upon an architect career is a lot of hard work, but the payoff can be substantial. Pursuing a career as an architect is not for everyone, but if it's right for you, the benefits are virtually unparalleled. Reach on to find out the major benefits of becoming an architect. 

1. Life-Changing Salaries

It's no secret that an architect career is a well-paid one. The field of architecture commands some of the highest median salaries in the United States. Although the median salary overall in the US for being an architect is around $80,000 a year, this is not the whole story.

Even the lowest-paid beginner architects still make a median of around $65,000, while the highest-paid quarter of architects earn around $105,000 per year. For architects in cities such as New York or Chicago, the top salaries can easily reach $250,000 and higher, with some architects earning millions.

2. Work That Takes You Anywhere

There are few industries that are as truly international as architecture. Architects of all stripes are in demand in projects all over the world. Right now, thousands of American architects are working on exciting projects in far-flung destinations such as Shanghai, Paris, London, Dubai, Tokyo, Rio, and Johannesburg, to name just a few. Architecture is a career that can take your wherever you want to go.

3. Easier Than Ever to Qualify as an Architect

Learning how to be an architect can be a gruelling, years-long process. However, thanks to new learning technologies, the skills and resources you need to qualify are more accessible than ever. You do not need Iby League tuition to become a qualified architect. For example, you can head to agile-center.com/safe-for-architects-live-online to receive your official SAFe qualification in just 3 days. 

4. A Fast-Paced Career 

There are few careers that are as fast-paced as being an architect. As an architect, every single day on the job is different. One day you could be in the studio designing the latest edition to the New York skyline. Another day you could be unveiling your vision for a new hospital. The next day you could be on-site trying to solve a structural problem with your newest project. If you want excitement and variety, architecture is the right career path.

5. Work That Impacts Countless Lives

Finally, it is important to remember the human element of architecture. No matter the size and scale of your project, you will impact countless lives with your work. Your next project could become a beloved part of a community. It could improve the quality of life of your neighbors or attract jobs and investment to your town. Architecture is always impact-focused work.

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