Choosing a Learning Management System

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Apr 12, 2021

Apr 12, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

Is your company looking to begin its eLearning journey? Are you unsure of what to look for with Learning Management Systems?

There is an estimate of over 800 Learning Managements Systems (LMS) available today. How do you know which one to choose? 

eLearning is a method that has grown in popularity throughout recent years. Joining this craze will help keep your companies professional development up to standards.

To improve the professional development of your employees, an LMS is essential. Use our guide to find the right platform for you.

What Is the Reason for Your Training?

The first thing to think about when choosing your LMS is what do you need it to do for you? How will it be helping your business? 

Your goals and objectives are essential. For example, are you looking to cut your current average training time? Are you looking to train your entire staff with new techniques to use around the workplace?

Also, look into who the training is targetting. For example, employees part of the older generation may struggle to navigate the website? 

What Are Your Learning Management System Requirements?

Do you want your basic LMS? These cover your user and course management, learning modules, and learner support, etc. 

Some LMS's offer extras. Such as certificates, gamification to create a challenge, and social learning for communication.

Another viable option with the technological advancements of the modern-day is mobile learning. Do you want your eLearning to be mobile phone compatible? 

What's Your Industry Type?

Many different industries use LMS's to aid their training. For example, CIPD is a world-renowned HR education platform. But they will use companies such as Avado for their training. 

Are you in the restaurant industry? If so, your training will be more hands-on than others. You will need your online employee training to be at a lower level than some other eLearning styles. 

Each industry will have different levels of need for their LMS's to supply. 

What Makes One LMS Different From Another?

Now you will have worked out the what, why, and how of eLearning. Let's move to the who.

Platforms vary across the market. It would help if you researched which one is right for you. Take Coursera, for example. Is Coursera worth it?

Two professors founded Coursera. They now employ other sharp minds from the world's most influential companies. If you want in-depth knowledge for your employees, then yes, Coursera is perfect for you.

Test Run Your LMS

Once you have found an LMS you feel would work best for your company, test it out. 

Check their websites for Demos or free trials. Finding and trying these will help you decide if that LMS is suitable for you. 

It will also save you from having to spend the money and find out the hard way. eLearning should help you to make money, not lose it. 

Learn Something New Everyday

You now know what to look for when searching for your learning management system. 

Choose the best one for your company and train your employees to greatness. 

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