How A Career as a Graphic Designer Applies To The World Of Marketing And Branding

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Apr 11, 2021

Apr 11, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

Graphic designers work to express ideas through art to serve a purpose. Every part of your life is considered a canvas to a graphic designer. They express their ideas and emotions through the visuals they make by using various tools. These tools can be from hand or computer software. 

Graphic designers use an array of elements that combine to form one design. They may use typography, photography, animation, and logos to create their masterpiece. 

Business owners, teachers, and fashion enthusiasts are some of the people that benefit from graphic designs. Graphic designers allow people to express their unique style or convey a message by combining engaging visuals and data.

Customize Clothing

Some graphic designers will start from scratch and design anything you want based on the customer’s desires. Even if they don't fully know what they want, designers must work with the client to deliver them a product they like. 

Clients can also opt for designs that designers premake. Designers may build a brand around their art style, and customers will flock to that.

Graphic designers will often create artistic t-shirt designs and sell them. Without the creative capabilities of graphic designers, our clothing would be one singular color.

Customized clothing is typical nowadays. Many clients are in charge of a group or team to order custom clothing to bring unity and enthusiasm. As a graphic designer, you’ll have to customize those shirts to fit their school or organization’s theme.

Customers may need a custom dress shirt or suit, so you’ll have to create the perfect product that’ll fit their character. The customer’s goal is to be comfortable in their own body, and designing suitable creative clothing will achieve that. Graphic designers will explore the clients’ character and personality.

Business Logo

Having an appealing logo is critical for any business. Anywhere the business showcases itself, the business logo will be visible. When you think of a business, you think of its logo.

Graphic designers work to design a modern and sleek logo that customers will find attractive. Designers can help make businesses stand out among their competitors. As a graphic designer, you must create a logo that doesn't seem outdated or unprofessional.

A skilled graphic designer will modernize the brand while accurately reflecting the business. If a client has a blog about the top vegan recipes, their logo may be green and resemble a leaf. This logo strengthens their viewership by appealing to health-conscious shoppers.


Wherever you look, there is advertising. Advertisements may be in the form of a billboard or a website banner. Either way, a graphic designer works to organize and structure the ad in a way that allures viewers. 

Graphic designers must design a powerful ad that will bring a massive amount of customers to your client. As a graphic designer, you must use the correct colors, typography, and art so your ad can express professionalism and quality. 

Graphic designers will usually focus on short and powerful messages on billboards since many only see them for a second. If you’re working on a website banner, there is more flexibility. You can then implement unique art styles and animations.

Another aspect of graphic advertising would be to utilize a video production company. Video is one of the easiest ways of grabbing consumers attention in this day and age, and can lead to big increases in new clients.

Business Cards

A business card serves as a first look into somebody's business. If a business card is shabby, then that reflects on the operations. Designers must produce sleek and quality cards so clients can look professional. 

Minimalism is a trendy design style today. Minimalism focuses on the color scheme, organization, and subtle design elements to convey professionalism. Designers incorporate this style into business cards to attract customers.

When designing a business card, you want people to view the card as something more than a piece of cardboard. Having an initial interest will significantly boost your client’s business.

Adding a personalized photo to your business card is a great way to get your image out in the world and seen. Most of the time you can do this yourself, or if you want really outstanding results, contact a photo studio that specializes in headshots.


Presentations exist in business, teaching, and sports, among other activities. Without a properly designed presentation, the information your client is conveying will be cluttered and unattractive. Creating a well-designed presentation will ease viewers since you’re portraying information that isn't hard to read or understand.

Your client may require statistics, graphs, and economic forecasts in a well-organized, engaging manner. As a graphic designer, you can relieve this stress by creating easy-to-read graphs. Designers will also organize statistics in a way that prevents confusion. 

Teachers use presentations to educate students on various topics. If a teacher has an important presentation that includes lots of data, they may hire a graphic designer. Designers will create captivating designs to show the data the teacher has. Creativity will keep viewers interested for hours.


Websites are becoming more prevalent, and graphic designers are vital when building one. If a website has a flat design, people will click off of the site. People look for trustworthiness and professionalism when visiting a website, and a skilled graphic designer will show that.

Visitors want to navigate a website without clutter easily. Designers must provide a clean design by including visuals only when needed. 

An intriguing graphic design will hook in visitors. They’ll notice the beautiful color scheme and art style and be interested.


Infographics are an engaging way to present data. Anybody can use infographics when trying to get their point across. Graphic designers must provide visuals that also represent the data so people are more interested. They should make infographics easy to share, with a strong message.

Designers often work with nonprofits to create infographics as evidence to support their cause. As a way to advertise, they may encourage viewers to share the infographic. This possibility is essential information to anybody pursuing graphic design since you must prepare for a diverse audience.

When graphic designers create infographics, a different task awaits them. They make the data the center of attention while including visual elements to support the data. 

Customizing Home Decor

Often, people will order customized posters and canvases to personalize their homes. As a designer, you have to make the client feel like the home is theirs. A graphic designer listens to the customers’ creative desires and develops a glamorous product that'll fit their personality.

Canvas prints are a popular decor item that designers create. Graphic designers can either sell their pre-made canvases or create them from scratch.


Graphic designers integrate their creativity into every aspect of modern life, and there’s a lot to learn when pursuing this career. As a graphic designer, you can explore your clients’ style or attract others to their business by producing alluring designs.