6 Compelling Reasons to Consider a Career as an Insurance Agent

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Apr 7, 2021

Apr 7, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

About half a million people in the United States have made their careers selling insurance. If projections are to be believed, that number is going to grow faster than the average US job.

Why? Because insurance is an industry that's always in fashion and offers unlimited possibilities to those that are personable and don't mind selling.

And what's best is that an insurance agent is selling something that they know everybody wants - Peace of mind.

Are you curious to discover if selling insurance or having career as an insurance agent is right for you? If you are, we recommend you keep reading.

Below, our team breaks down key reasons why selling insurance is an excellent career trajectory that can be every bit as fulfilling emotionally as it is financially.

1. Everybody Buys Insurance

One of the hardest parts about being a salesperson is understanding who your customer is and hoping that your base is large enough to meet your insurance agent salary expectations. In the world of insurance, you can rest easy knowing that there is no shortage of buyers.

Car insurance, medical insurance, homeowner's insurance, business interruption insurance - The list of insurance products adults all across the country buy daily is endless!

Given your diversity of products in the insurance industry and the sometimes legally required need to buy insurance, you can come into work every day knowing that plenty of people need what you're selling. That's an empowering fact that isn't something workers in all sales niches have the privilege of enjoying.

2. You Can Be Your Own Boss

There are large insurance firms that have staff members they direct. Many that pursue a career as an insurance agent though do so as an owner-operator. That means they make their own hours, market their own services, and make their own breaks.

The prospect of being your own boss can be a scary one at first, particularly if you've never not been a W2 employee. Believe us when we say though that if you enjoy hustling, you'll love the idea that you can be in control of your own career trajectory rather than relying on people around you to direct growth on your behalf.

3. Earning Potential Is the Sky

Agents that sell insurance, in most scenarios, make money that is in line with the number of clients they bring through the door. If for you that's thousands of people per year, there's no limit to how much you can make. If it's less than that, you'd make an amount that reflects those results.

Commission-based salary models suit people that don't mind getting their hands dirty with marketing and following up with leads. If that sounds like you, you'd do well to kick the tires on an insurance career.

Conversely, if you're a person that feels uncomfortable making phone calls, sending emails, and sharing the virtues of products, you may want to steer clear of this field.

4. New Products Are Entering the Market Constantly

One of the primary things we love about the insurance industry is that there's always a product to sell that aligns with what's going on in the world. For example, home buying shot up in 2020 on the heels of lowering interest rates. That created a demand for home insurance packages which insurance agents were more than happy to meet.

You can bet that as businesses open back up, more are going to be invested in buying into business interruption insurance. As another example, post-natural disasters, purchases of policies that safeguard against future emergencies rise in popularity.

All of that to say that, as an agent, you can sell insurance for just about everything. Chances are if there's a demand for peace of mind concerning some aspect of life, there's an insurance underwriter that has a product for you to push.

5. Insurance Isn't Going Anywhere

We've all seen sales fads come and go over the years. Electric scooters, fidget spinners - The list goes on. As a matter of fact, there aren't all that many foundational products on the market that we can be sure will never wane when it comes to consumer desire.

Insurance is one of those rare, evergreen products.

There is no future on the horizon where banks will allow homeowners to finance properties without insurance. The same is true for cars and several other necessities of life.

What that means for you is that you can throw yourself headfirst into this industry without having to worry that the infrastructure you build will be void over the next handful of years.

6. You're Making a Difference in People's Lives

How many people are on a career path today where they can say they're legitimately making a difference in people's lives? We're guessing not many.

Insurance agents are though. They're the people that step in at people's lowest moments, tell them that everything is going to be okay, and facilitate the funding that gets victim's lives back on track.

If that's not rewarding then we don't know what is!

Is Being an Insurance Agent Right for You?

We've broken down all of the positives pursuing a career as an insurance agent can bring to your life. Hopefully, our points are compelling enough that you at least consider the possibility of this career path and dig deeper into the industry to further explore its efficacy.

To that end, our team is here to help! We welcome you to explore more career-oriented advice on our blog.

From taking in additional insight on becoming an independent insurance agent to discovering job opportunities in other fields, we're confident our write-ups will help you fulfill your need to know!