What Does a Marketing Career in the E-Commerce World Look Like?

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Apr 2, 2021

Apr 2, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

Gone are the days of browsing through catalogs or magazines and, if something catches your eye, having to go out and buy it. Now it's a few clicks away.

For many years, before the 1990s, marketing entailed only print media and billboards. That’s all we knew, and although marketing has evolved since then, these traditional uses weren't left behind.

For some of us, paging through that magazine is still as impactful as it was years ago. We still remember the billboard we passed on the highway. Traditional marketing is by no means gone.

Marketing has, however, evolved in recent years to accommodate the emerging e-commerce world. Modern-day marketing has now become more digital and is still a much-needed career. The difference is that it has now merged with technology, especially through the use of recent innovative Internet tech like e-commerce APIs, chatbots, and even machine learning.

To fully understand what a marketing job would look like, you first need to understand what e-commerce means.

What Is E-Commerce?

Also known as electronic commerce, it’s a business model that allows companies and individuals to buy and sell goods and services online. This can be done by using computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Almost anything can be bought online, including services like financial services or stock trading. Many companies are trading in their physical presence for an online presence.

The advantage of e-commerce is the convenience of shopping at any time, day or night. There are also numerous options to choose from at competitive pricing.

E-Commerce Marketing

This marketing’s aim is to convert potential sales leads into actual sales. It creates awareness of your business and directs traffic to your site to generate income.

A significant amount of people spend a considerable amount of time online every day. As someone in marketing, you would need to use every opportunity to make your brand and your product known through the appropriate channels.

Social Media

Many businesses are connecting with their clients and potential clients via various social networks. Not every network might suit your product or service. You’ll have to select the ones that best suit you and your audience.

To grab the viewer’s attention on the various platforms, you need to create interesting visuals. Marketers should create your content in a way that directs them via an ad to your online shop. In just a few clicks, a shopper can purchase their goods without the stress of physically bumping into others. You can check out an example on this dog website.

Email Marketing

Although an old form of marketing, it’s still quite relevant today. Emails can be automated and set up so that once your customer enters their information on a form, an email is sent immediately. This option, once implemented, is one less thing you have to do.

You would need to ensure that you don’t bombard your client with too many emails but carefully select which would be appropriate to maintain them as a lead.

Influencer Marketing

Enlisting an influencer from one of the popular social media platforms to promote your product by recommending it or posting it on their page is also an option. Some influencers have thousands of followers who could be your target market. Having them draw attention to your offering will create significant exposure.

Inbound Marketing

This form of marketing attracts people’s attention and draws them to you in the hope of creating customers. This can be done via content marketing, social media, or search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Content marketing has many types, such as infographic content, more graphics with simple statements, blog content where you can share product information, and links to other content. There’s also video content which appeals to an audience who appreciates info in a video format.
  • There are various other types as well that could suit your needs.

Affiliate Marketing

This is an option where you pay another company a commission for your product’s marketing and sale. There are links between the two sites which track the sales.

The Changes in Marketing

E-commerce sales in all categories are steadily rising. Companies are making money, and jobs are being created. Therefore, it’s vital that those in marketing need to evaluate the way things were done and develop new approaches to keep up-to-date.

Marketers should improve the browsing process so that clients don’t miss out on anything. Their shopping experience should be improved to avoid searching through hundreds of items to find what they need. Visual images should also be adjusted to suit online viewing instead of in person. 

These are only some of the changes that marketing employees need to make to accommodate this new wave of customers.

In Closing

Although marketing isn’t what it used to be, it doesn’t mean that companies can do without them. The changes are now so massive that their careers have grown in a different direction.

Marketing has now joined digital to help their businesses embrace the e-commerce world. Many people have resorted to online shopping and spend a few hours a day just browsing.

There are many channels that marketers need to tap into to make their product or service known. These include social media, influencer marketing, email marketing, and inbound marketing. Every channel with its own interesting components.

A career in marketing has become a whole lot more exciting!