How To Build A Career As An Email Marketing Expert

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Mar 16, 2021

Mar 16, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

A successful digital marketing strategy is always incomplete without emails. But now, thanks to some exciting new technology and automation tools, emails have evolved into a big data personalization platform that includes AI and machine learning features.

As a result, there's been a lot of buzz surrounding email marketing. After all, you can do so much more than just be present in your customer's inboxes. Tools like SMTP servers let you manage large email lists, send out bulk emails without the fear of ending up in the spam folder and trigger customized emails based on user activity.

Around 87% of marketers have claimed to use email marketing services in their campaigns. They claim that the ROI on email marketing is huge – for every $1 spent, you can generate an average return of $42.

However, getting these emails past the gatekeeper and into the inbox is still a challenge faced by many digital marketers. For this purpose, they work with email marketing specialists specifically trained to create highly personalized emails, ensuring that they reach targeted audiences at appropriate times.

If you have noticed your emails getting more personalized, more specific, and more engaging, that's because of the hard-work that email marketing specialists put in.

Essential Skills To Have As An Email Marketing Specialist

If you want to become an email marketing specialist, here are some of the necessary skills that you should have:

Soft Skills

For email marketing specialists, soft skills are as crucial as technical skills. They are required to have brilliant communication abilities, but above all, they should be adept listeners. Email marketing has many commonalities with social media marketing because it requires you to know that audience wants, needs, and likes to engage a target audience. Therefore, email marketers must spend time tracking and analyzing their social media, garner data-driven insights from past email campaigns, and look at the feedback and reviews.


Flexibility and relevance are two critical abilities to have for an email marketer. The digital landscape is continually changing, and if you want to stay on top of trends and ensure that your emails hit the curb every-time, you'll have to be prepared to change your strategies now and then.

In essence, in this field, you'll always be training and learning. Additionally, this flexibility in skills and training can be advantageous to your project as it can allow you to direct your strategies as you like.

Identifying What Kind Of Content Works

Different types of content are involved in creating marketing emails that deliver bonafide results. In some industries, long text emails are the preferred way of marketing. In contrast, some customers appreciate graphic emails the most.

In this case, the email expert has to decide what kind of content can appeal to their target audience. You have to make sure you're not doing anything likely to steer your customers away from the service that you're providing.

What Does An Email Marketing Expert Do?

If you think an email marketer's job is just to write and send emails, you cannot be further than the truth. Although the duties of email marketer vary from industry to industry, in general, all email marketing specialists share a few common qualities:

  • Create email marketing campaigns
  • Design email layouts
  • Using and configuring SMTP servers to send out transactional emails and email campaigns
  • Organize email lists and segment according to target audiences
  • Design digital ads
  • Create a compelling email copy
  • Analyze the performance of email campaigns
  • Maintain several databases
  • Build email templates using HTML and CSS
  • Awareness of different email marketing tools and software
  • Conduct A/B split testing

What Qualifications Do You Require To Be An Email Marketing Expert?

Being an email marketing specialist requires a wide range of qualifications. While a degree in digital marketing and computer technology may give you the upper-hand in the field, it is not a necessary feat to have.

Here are a few examples of educational pathways that can help you practice as an email marketing expert:

  • Brand Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Digital Communications and Management
  • Business Administration
  • Web Designing
  • Communications Technology

Are You Suited For A Career In Email Marketing?

With the increase in various social media and communication channels, there is a growing need for people who specialize in these platforms to optimize relationships between brands and consumers.

The person who is more likely to possess the following qualities can excel in his/her career as a digital email marketer:


One of the most determining factors of your career in email marketing will be your passion and curiosity to move forward and learn. You have to be motivated enough for your job to continually update yourself with industry news and trends and keep an eye on what your competitors are doing best.

The best combination of qualities that you can find in almost every email marketer is a mix of creative desire and a curiosity to experiment with techniques and designs. An innate curiosity will keep employees on the look-out for opportunities and the ability to take risks.


To succeed in email marketing, it is essential to set both long-term and short-term goals. Setting goals can help you strategize your campaigns and design your emails in a way that can reach customers at designated times.


From designing to creating email copies, some processes require effective communication and organization to ensure that things are done correctly. However, marketers should also realize not to be too overbearing as it can hinder productivity at different levels.

If you are assertive enough to meet deadlines and take the initiative with new projects, email marketing might be the job for you! 

To Conclude

Email marketing experience is about reaching out directly to the clients, appealing to them, taking their feedback and data. Then, leverage and incorporate those insights into your marketing strategies to maximize your campaign's effectiveness. Before you commit to pursuing this position, consider how you can optimally use your email marketing skills and the potential career opportunities in this field.

Are you ready to broaden your horizon and apply email marketing principles to your particular industry? Explore your copywriting skills and find the right tools and technologies that can help you nurture leads through this excellent medium of communication.