3 Reasons Why A Career In eCommerce Is A Good Idea Right Now

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Mar 12, 2021

Mar 12, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

2020 was something of a revelation for anyone who was not familiar with the benefits of online retail and business. There has been a huge boom in e-commerce, with more people than ever before turning to online businesses for a wide variety of goods and services. Because of this, pursuing a career in eCommerce appears to be the way to go not only for fresh graduates, but also for experienced entrepreneurs wanting to explore new revenue streams. 

It is anticipated that even in 2021 and in the coming years consumers will continue to experience the convenience of online commerce, and the move towards digital products whenever possible. 

Let’s talk about the e-commerce boom and how you can turn this into a benefit for your career.

The eCommerce boom

Perhaps the biggest changes in our daily lives have been those associated with remote working and online communication. With apps such as Zoom becoming widely used to keep teams in touch, a clear picture of just how remote working can be effective and productive has emerged. This will surely be one of the continuing trends in the near future.

Yet it is not just in communication with workmates that has seen a change. Telehealth has made massive strides in the last year with patients able to consult with doctors online and via video and telephone, and again this is expected to become a more regular part of daily life.

Online retail is a major beneficiary of the events of 2020, and there is little doubt that now people are familiar with what they gain from shopping for goods and services online they will continue to do so. 

In basic terms, there is no need to take a trip to the supermarket now that you know you can place an order digitally and pick a delivery slot that suits you.

How else can you benefit from the e-commerce boom? Many people have begun their own online businesses, and you could do the same. 

How to Get on Board

If you’re interested in starting an online business you will likely encounter many difficulties on your way. Just don’t get demotivated and read online of stories of genuine success of entrepreneurs that started with just one dime; get help and advice on how to set up and manage your own online business. There is a lot to be gained from reading the various accounts at the website and you’ll find it inspirational. 

Have you got a business idea in mind, or are you looking for ideas? The most satisfying online business ideas are those that combine doing something you love with providing a service or products that people pay for. If you can find a niche, then you’re more likely to succeed.

The starting point for many people is an Amazon business – the established website for selling just about anything – while for others a different approach may be the answer. This is why it’s worth talking to people who have already succeeded in getting on board with the e-commerce boom.

Before you make a life-changing decision and quit your job, start small and try it out, and make sure you get all the advice you can.

The working-at-home environment

With businesses having to close their bases down and teams having to work remotely, the way we work has been greatly affected. For many, the transition from working in a dedicated office to a makeshift version in the home has not been difficult, and the most problematic area for managers has been keeping productivity at the required level. Expecting someone to work from home should not include expecting them to provide their own equipment. Most people will have a computer system in place that should be adequate for remote working, but it is not what it will be used for. In times of crisis, your team is supposed to shift to working remotely at the drop of a hat and make sure things are set to accommodate such a scenario.

Working from home should not become ‘working when you feel like it’ although it is all too easy for this to happen. Set working hours and ask your team members to check-in. When controlling and selling products, make sure your team has a quality management system to keep quality in control and customers satisfied even as you shift towards online sales.

This helps both the management and the employees plan in an effective fashion and keeps things on track. Your team will be used to meeting and talking to workmates during their time in the office. The chat by the water cooler may be a cliché, but the friendships and bonds formed this way are important where productivity is concerned. 

Encourage your team to take time out and have a chat, perhaps using one of the video conferencing packages and talk about what they would normally talk about during breaks at work. Get them to join in a session playing games in downtime where they can relax and enjoy themselves.