Top Highly-Paid Remote Jobs and How to Get One in 2021

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Feb 18, 2021

Feb 18, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

For better or worse, remote work is the work of the future. Even companies that were predominantly on-site businesses with large fixed office spaces are now saying that it is up to their current WFH employees whether or not they return to the office once widespread vaccination is a reality. 

Finding gainful employment while working remotely can be difficult, as remote work often means contract or freelance work--a labor market with a well-known race to the bottom mentality. There are, however, well-paid jobs out there, you just have to know where to find them, how to apply and, importantly, the credentials to get them. Whether you are looking for an academic career, accounting, or just general freelance work, below are some of the top-paying remote jobs and how you can land one. 

Remote Accounting Work

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For most accountants, becoming a CPA is not generally something most would envision as a remote career. Increasingly, however, accounting is something that more and more businesses are contracting out to remote professional accountants who ply their trade from the comfort of their home while still earning competitive market rates. 

Accessing the Market

You do not even necessarily need to become a CPA in order to find remote accounting work. There is a wide range of accounting certifications and designations that are highly sought after and command competitive salaries across industries. The average remote accountant in the United States is making around $70,000 a year. 

Virtual Attorneys

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Legal expertise is worth a lot of money to people because it is highly specialized knowledge. Anytime you have highly specialized knowledge in a field with high barriers to entry, your services command a lot of money. Many lawyers have had to switch their services over to the virtual world because of the pandemic, but there was already a thriving virtual legal services industry well prior to 2020. 

Accessing the Market

The average virtual attorney makes around $40,000 per year, with salaries in the 75th percentile as high as $92,500. If you are already an established attorney with many years of practice and experience in your niche, and perhaps a long list of clients that you can rely upon for constant business, there is no reason you can’t make even more. 

Virtual GPs

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The telehealth revolution, which was dramatically sped up by the COVID-19 pandemic, saw upwards of a billion virtual healthcare interactions in 2020. Physicians and patients alike took social distancing seriously and the healthcare industry was, thanks to digital transformation, still able to attend to the healthcare needs of people throughout the country, and particularly those in rural and underserved areas. 

Accessing the Market

Salaries for telehealth physicians are spread out across quite an extreme spectrum, but the constant appears to be that the more hours you put in, the more money you make, with some telehealth MDs making upwards of $500,000 per year. To practice medicine remotely, virtual GPs should first familiarize themselves with the applications and various software used in their fields, and connect with one of the many reputable telehealth providers in the industry. 

UX Web Design Specialists 

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User experience is more important in SEO and pagerank than ever before. Google’s strategic goal is to make sure as many of the websites that are crawled and indexed by the search engine add value for users. This is in recognition of both the growing search engine competition that exists online and Google’s broader philosophical goals as the arbiters of quality online. 

Accessing the Market

With that in mind, web design specialists with a deep understanding of user experience and a portfolio of successful websites to their name can and do charge a lot of money for their services. A well-curated portfolio hosted on a professional website attached to your name is the key to success when finding UX work as a web designer.

Potential clients want to see what you are capable of and what your past projects look like before spending a considerable amount of money on your services. The average salary for a remote web designer with UX experience is around $43-44,000. 

Remote Project Manager 

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Project management is now easier than ever to do remotely thanks to the proliferation of virtual workflow management and communication technology. Perhaps the most attractive thing about working as a remote project manager is that virtually every company in every industry is always in need of project management professionals. High demand plus highly skilled labour means competitive salaries for remote workers. 

Accessing the Market

Whether you are a remote or an on-site project manager, the first step to employment is getting an accepted project management certification. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the PMP credential, as there are several career-boosting PM certs out there that will help you find work as a remote project manager. 


Remote work is here to stay. The implications of a massive shift to a remote labour force and workplace will require years, and perhaps decades to be fully understood, but preparing yourself for virtual workplaces, relationships and career paths should be considered paramount for any current employee or jobseeker with an in-demand skill.