Demand For Digital Marketers Increases As Internet Usage Surges

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Mar 11, 2021

Mar 11, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

Are you one of the many Americans who decide to make a career change at some point in their lives? Do you wake up each morning thinking about calling in sick to work? Can you barely make it to quitting time each day? Have you lost the passion that you used to feel about your job? Maybe you never had it.

Whatever caused you to rethink your professional aspirations, there’s no time like the present to take a leap of faith. Though many industries have taken a hit in the past year, others like digital marketing, have experienced exponential growth. 

More and more, people are turning to the convenience of technology. The internet is becoming the primary source for work, education, socialization, entertainment, and personal tasks like shopping. Businesses that want to remain competitive must essentially restructure their marketing practices to accommodate customers. 

Digital Marketing On The Rise

From virtual stores and company websites to social media and email marketing, brands large and small have invested more time, money, and effort into developing a strong presence online. Doing so has helped them improve brand awareness, enhance credibility, boost sales, and cultivate deeper relationships with their target audiences. 

As you might imagine, none of this would be possible without the skills, experience, and creativity of marketing agencies and their teams. Naturally, as the need for innovative marketing strategies has increased, the demand for skilled experts has skyrocketed. 

Digital Marketing Industry Outlook

Marketing agencies may have reported a decline in revenue at the start of the pandemic, but things are looking up. The shift in consumer needs, interests, and expectations has prompted brands large and small to invest more in digital mediums over the past year. In fact, statistics suggest that digital marketing spends top 150 billion dollars by the end of 2020, an increase likely to continue for years to come. Such reports are obviously good news for individuals interested in shifting to the digital marketing field. 

Types Of Career Opportunities

Companies like Power Digital Marketing agency need the assistance of highly qualified individuals to accommodate their clients’ ever-evolving needs. You’ll find an influx of positions in the digital marketing industry ranging from entry-level to management. Some of the more common careers include SEM specialists, content marketing managers, social media consultants, content specialists, copywriters, and bloggers. 

The career path you choose should depend on factors including your current education, experience, and interests. For example, someone with general business education and a knack for social media platforms might consider a job as a social media manager or a copywriter specializing in B2B communications. Once you’ve decided on a career path, evaluate open positions to assess eligibility requirements, salaries, and benefits. 

Gaining Experience

As marketing is an ever-evolving industry, continual education is a must. If you’re going to land a position with a digital marketing agency or go into business for yourself, you’ll need to sharpen your skills. While some might prefer a formal education through a college or university, there are other ways to enhance your understanding of digital marketing. You can watch instructional videos, take online courses, or attend virtual conferences to learn about the basic components and latest marketing trends.

To name a few: A whole industry has risen around learning digital-related skills online; websites like Codecademy,, and teach users the basics of programming, often for free or low-cost. Websites such as Khan Academy, Lynda, Skillshare, and Udemy offer low-cost learning courses on hundreds of subjects, many of which are focused on teaching digital marketing skills. And search giant Google offers resources for workers new to working remotely, small business owners who want to expand their online presence, and job seekers who wish to earn a certificate in IT support. 

For all of the DIY resources available on the internet, many accredited colleges and universities offer complete marketing degree programs online.

Marketing Yourself

Likely the biggest step towards getting started in the digital marketing industry is marketing yourself. You (the brand) must build a strong online presence that appeals to your target audience (top marketing agencies). When agencies look for new talent, they use some of the same criteria consumers use to select a business. When they research your digital footprint, it is essential that they find positive information that speaks to your credibility, skills, and experience. Once you’ve acquired the necessary knowledge, start a personal branding campaign to separate yourself from the competition. 

As billions of people turn to the internet for everyday activities, the need for experienced digital marketing agencies continues to grow. If you’re looking for a change of profession or improved job security, starting a career in digital marketing may be ideal. So, why not use the information provided above to begin a career that will not only sustain you but give you a chance to thrive.