5 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Career Prospects

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Mar 5, 2021

Mar 5, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

Finding a good gig has always been a challenging endeavor. And with the global economy reeling from shrinking job markets and an unprecedented disruption to normal industry norms, it has become almost impossible to land a good job or grow some careers. This disruption to industry norms has made it strenuous for companies to interact with potential employees, making it a challenge for people who either lost their jobs or first-time job-seekers.

Still, there are opportunities – however scarce – for job seekers who infuse elements of technology to boost their job search and career growth dreams. Technology has become a key differentiating factor for virtually everyone during times of hardship, and it could be yours too if you’re looking to boost your career prospects during this period.

Here are a few ways to make tech your friend.

Comb through online platforms for opportunities

With the world moving into a more digital-first environment, it pays to equip yourself with the right tools to help with your job search.

With the help of a basic laptop or smartphone, you can start looking for employment opportunities online. Moving forward, many employers will be looking for people with the right skills, abilities, and attitudes via online mediums instead of traditional outlets such as hardcopy newspapers and magazines. So, get yourself a reliable tool for the job, which, asthis post will show you, won’t have you breaking the bank during these tough times.

If you also haven’t already converted your physical documents into digital format, this is the time to do so. You must be ready to send your digital portfolio and testimonials within a moment’s notice, so ensure you’re always prepared. Also remember to package your portfolio in an organized, non-confusing manner to make the review process as easy as possible for potential employers.

Keep an open mind, and watch out for opportunities with benefits, as these will sometimes be more worthwhile than a slightly higher salary.

Establish valuable connections within your industry

Your net worth is primarily determined by the value of your networks. Gone are the days when people could get jobs or business deals on the strength of their profiles, though this does not mean that people should stop working hard to acquire impressive academic credentials. The truth is that while building your profile, it is very important to connect with the right people at the same time.

Every year, thousands of high school graduates apply to join Ivy League colleges and universities such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton, MIT, London School of Economics, and Cornel University. Many others choose to educate their children in the best schools, even when they are forced to part with hefty sums of money. All for one huge reason: the networks.

People have discovered the instrumental role that networks can play in securing high-profile jobs and contracts.

With tech becoming a constant element of the new normal, it is now possible to create and maintain high-value networks from the comfort of your desk. You only need to create attractive profiles on professional networking websites such as LinkedIn and then connect with business leaders across the world. Additionally, you can connect with human resource managers, CEOs, and other influential people through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites.

Showcase your talent through digital profiles

When you apply for a job today, get shortlisted, and eventually receive an invitation for an interview, most employers will check out your digital profile. During the actual interview, you will be surprised to find out the interviewers could be investigating your online activities and matching them with your resume.

In essence, it is possible to enhance your career prospects through a neat digital profile. If you are looking for an employment opportunity for the first time, or if you intend to search for greener pastures, make sure that you create and maintain an attractive digital profile.

For instance, consider creating an account on LinkedIn. Proceed to advertise yourself by indicating academic qualifications, skills, abilities, experience (if any), and what you are looking for. If you have past experience working in a data center for instance, this is where you need to list that experience. The more you can talk yourself up, the better.

Don’t misuse your freedom of speech and expression to launch unwarranted attacks on individuals and organizations on social media. Instead, make use of Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to exhibit how focused, talented, ambitious, and disciplined you are.

Seek remote employment

The era of the online marketplace is firmly with us, thanks to the emerging trends. Today, it is easy to meet people who openly state that they work from the comfort of their homes – a stark departure from the era where flashy office gigs and white-collar jobs were the in thing. The writing has always been on the wall, thanks to widespread internet access and an exponential increase in the number of young people joining the job market.

You can take advantage of technology to enhance career prospects by working from home. As a new graduate, there is no guarantee that you will secure a good job within a year or two. And, unfortunately, the longer you remain unemployed, the less attractive you become to potential employers.

With the right tools, remote work can be very satisfying. There are tons of opportunities available so be sure to check out any virtual roles within your area of expertise via popular job boards.

Advance your education and acquire new skills

Most employees desire to go back to school to earn higher educational qualifications and eventually get corner offices. However, it may be difficult or even impossible to balance between work, family, and studies, especially with the new normal.

With the advancement of technology, however, you don’t have to worry about any of these. It is possible to pursue that MBA or Ph.D. through distance learning. Once you earn a higher academic qualification, there will be better prospects of getting promoted or landing another better gig.

With the use of modern technology, there is nothing that can stop you from learning new skills. If you are an accountant, for instance, learn how to prepare financial statements using Excel software. Reputable organizations such as Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) also offer flexible learning programs and examinations through online platforms. All these can be achieved without necessarily leaving the comfort of your desk.