Mastering the Art of a Career in Sales

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Feb 26, 2021

Feb 26, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

Regardless of your age, education, or stage in life, having a career in sales is an excellent choice.

While there's plenty of money to be made in selling cheap products to mass markets, the process requires patience (read: lots of patience) and hard work. 

On the other hand, selling expensive products can make you tons of money - faster and easier. Not only that but selling high-ticket items means solving more problems and adding more value. 

Mastering the Art of High Ticket Closing

First and most importantly, it is crucial to understand that high ticket selling techniques are different from conventional selling strategies.

Second, have faith that you can master it. Remember, everything is possible if you’re willing and ready to learn and adapt. 

Below you will find 7-proven high ticket selling tips for convincing customers to invest in expensive products:

  1. Work on Your Language Skills

Effective communication forms the foundation for high ticket selling. If you want your clients to purchase high-end products, you should refine your communication skills

If you work from your native country, you will have no difficulty communicating your point to the clients. But if you live somewhere else, the first step is to get a handle on the language. You can also enroll yourself in a public speaking course to build your communication skills. 

  1. Hire a Mentor &/Or Enroll Yourself in a High Ticket Closer Program

The best thing you can do for yourself is to hire a mentor. Why? Because unlike other professions that require you to practice your academic skills, selling is all about influencing others. It's an art that one can master through proper training and mentorship. 

Dylan Caudullo is one example of a million-dollar closer. He started his selling journey with no experience under his belt. Today, he is making millions out of his proven selling tactics. Also, he helps others achieve their goals through his customized training course called ‘Source Force Militia’ through which he helped a consulting business go from 100k per month to 2.3 Million per month.

Hiring or consulting a mentor will guide you through the right path. Don’t hesitate consulting one for a bright future. Further to that, registering yourself in a high ticket closer program is the next big thing that helps you get one-to-one advice from any successful closer. 

Just like any other skill, learning the art of closing also takes several weeks. So be patient and learn.

Remember, the last thing you want is to sound like a salesperson while selling any expensive product. Do not rush, this step is critical. Invest time and resources to reach the point where other successful closers are today and getting your dream income. 

  1. Understand Your Buyer Persona

Unlike traditional selling tactics in which you emphasize price and features, high ticket selling is all about knowing your client's needs. In other words, you'll have to identify your customer's pain points before you motivate them to buy your products. 

Create a buyer persona of your ideal customer and determine why they would opt for a premium solution for their needs.

  1. Use a Trial Close

Customers generally want to talk about discounts before they're ready to close a deal with you. One of the ways you can quickly convert a prospect is by presenting a trial close.

Instead of deciding everything right then and there or forcing your customer to close a deal right away, it's better to give them time. For instance, you can say that you're open to conversation but can talk discounts when the customer is 100% ready to buy. 

Doing so will help the buyer make a quick purchase decision. Also, it saves you time and effort on negotiation as you don't have to do discounting twice on the same deal. 

  1. Help Your Clients Envision What Success Looks Like

High ticket closers should be able to identify that their prospects have a problem that they need to get solved. That means there is a void between where they currently are and where they want to reach. Here, your job is to explain to your prospects how your high-ticket product will fill in that void for them.

Paint the picture of how your service or product will make the life of your prospects easy. 

  1. Use the Best High-Ticket Sales Script

If you have just entered the high-ticket selling space, you can benefit from a sales script to sharpen your sales process. 

The script should comprise:

  • a catchy intro: to introduce yourself
  • a sales pitch: space where you talk about your offer, the benefits it offers, and what sets your products and services apart from others
  • the close: The conclusion should encourage your customer to take the next step

It’s Now Time For You to Experiment with Your Creative Skills.... We are all different. A technique that works for someone might not work for you. So don't hesitate to experiment with your selling style. Accumulate advice, learn from others, but then turn those strategies into something that works for you.

High ticket closing is challenging yet extremely rewarding. The best part? It is doable with the right strategies. We wish you all the best...