The 5 Best Jobs for Empathetic People

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Feb 5, 2021

Feb 5, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

As an empathetic person, it's especially important to find employment that allows that part of you to flourish. When in the wrong environment, empaths can quickly find themselves drained and depressed, let alone if they have to be there day after day.

Thankfully, jobs for empathetic people aren't just a myth. While your empathy may have seemed like a burden for much of your life, it is possible to turn it into a strength in the proper career.

Careers for empathetic people usually involve fields that allow them to help others and feel fulfilled on a personal level.

Read this article to learn about the 5 best jobs where your empathy will come in handy.

1. Healthcare

Empaths are natural caregivers, sometimes to their dismay. Their gift allows them to help people without even necessarily doing so on purpose.

Healthcare is a field where you can make full use of this gift. Nursing can be an excellent career path for people with high empathy.

Nurses often have to reassure people and give them comfort through difficult periods in their lives. It is important, however, not to neglect your own well-being as it can lead to burnout.

Jobs in mental health or psychology are also excellent choices where your ability to care for others and listen will be rewarded.

2. Social Work

Due to the nature of their jobs, social workers are often also empaths. They help people who are in difficult situations and their natural capacity for compassion can make a difference.

While these jobs are all about helping others, they will allow you to grow as a person as well. Empaths learn from being in contact with others, but also usually need to get better at setting boundaries.

Doing social work can be a great teacher in that sense. It'll teach you how to care for yourself better while giving a hand to people in need.

3. Life Coach

Like in healthcare and social work, life coaches are there to make a difference in people's lives. But while nurses or social workers deal with people going through very difficult times, life coaches help them thrive.

In that sense, life coaching is ideal for empaths who want to be in a more positive environment every day. You'll be helping your clients get through the biggest roadblocks of their lives and set goals to make their dreams come true.

The best part? There is no better quality than being an empath to learn how to become a life coach. You'll be able to adopt your clients' perspectives and zero in on what's holding them back effortlessly.

4. Lawyer

Working as a lawyer might seem strange for empaths, even anathema for some. Yet, being a lawyer can be rewarding and satisfy your inclination to make yourself useful for others.

Your attentiveness and passion as an empath can be extremely beneficial as you represent people who need somebody to stand for them.

5. Hospice Work

Hospice work is for empaths who feel a calling to take care of others at their most vulnerable. You'll be in contact with people who have debilitating conditions and terminal illnesses.

While it might seem especially difficult, assisting others in these pivotal moments can also prove a very special privilege.

The Jobs for Empathetic People Are Out There

Though everyone is unique, the best jobs for empathetic people often involve helping others in some capacity.

It may be in healthcare, social, or hospice work, but it may also mean working as a life coach or lawyer.

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