Why You Should Consider Working in the Professional Cleaning Industry

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Dec 23, 2020

Dec 23, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

Recent events have radically affected the cleaning and hygiene industry. A recent article for Cleaning & Maintenance Magazine says it best: “what was once an out-of-hours job is now highly visible and highly valued, with more of us required to undertake regular cleaning tasks to keep areas at home or at work as clean as possible.” 

Professional cleaning is something of an untapped vertical – it’s an industry that offers job security and plenty of opportunities. 

As the world becomes safer and many people return to the office after a hiatus, more businesses will need cleaning support. Are you curious about the professional cleaning industry, and whether or not it might be for you? We've broken down what you should know about professional cleaning below. 

A Range of Jobs are Available Within the Industry

The cleaning industry has drastically changed since 2019. According to research from the cleaning experts at SERVPRO, 63 percent percent of businesses have increased their office cleaning schedule, and 83 percent of businesses are investing more into their cleaning budget. 

With this increase in demand comes an increase in the number of available jobs within the industry. In addition to an increase in demand for professional cleaners, new jobs are available that don't require physically cleaning. An increase in demand means an increase in logistics – someone needs to organize who goes where, when, and what supplies they need. There's also an increase in managerial and administrative tasks, such as coordinating cleaning teams and managing staffing, payroll, and marketing businesses to the wider community. 

The Professional Cleaning Industry might be for you if: you’re an experienced domestic cleaner, or you’re interested in managing teams, logistics, administration, or marketing for a business to business industry. 

You’ll Become a Health and Safety Expert

As part of the professional cleaning industry, you'll become a health and safety expert. That doesn't just mean that you know what kind of cleaners to use and when to wear rubber gloves – you'll learn how chemicals interact and how to safely use professional equipment. You may have the opportunity to help develop, implement, and maintain cleaning plans – and the work you do will directly impact how people can socialize safely in public places, according to the Centers for Disease Control

That doesn’t just mean standard facility maintenance, either – many professional cleaners are called in to handle fire and flood situations. You’ll learn how to deal with the aftermath of these disasters – making homes and businesses safe from the immediate threat that fire and water present, as well as dealing with the long-term effects of these issues, such as mold and other carcinogens. You’ll be able to help people in a very tangible way. 

The Professional Cleaning Industry might be for you if: you’re fascinated by the science behind cleaning (why certain cleaners work better than others) or disaster prevention and refurbishment. 

You’ll Have the Opportunity to Lead and Solve Problems

As the industry expands, you’ll have more opportunities to manage teams of people – to inspire them to solve problems. According to Hubstaff, cleaning industry managers should be well aware of the elements of a successful cleaning business, which include: 

  • Prioritizing time management: as customers increase the frequency of their cleaning services, you and your team will need to be more efficient than ever. Understand where you're spending most of your time and determine where you should concentrate your efforts (and where things can be automated). 
  • Streamline team management: keep on top of what your team is doing at all times, and keep lines of communication open for best results. 
  • Pay attention to marketing: if your business is currently relying on referrals, it may be time to up your marketing game. The commercial cleaning industry has gotten much more competitive. Making it easier for customers to find you is absolutely critical. 
  • Focus on customer service: cleaning and janitorial services have just become far more visible – everyone is paying attention to what their professional cleaners are doing. Ensure that your processes are efficient and that you're keeping up with your clients every step of the way. 

The Professional Cleaning Industry might be for you if: you're a passionate manager who enjoys delivering a high-quality service and motivating a team. 

You’ll Provide Excellent Service and Attention to Detail

No matter your role, attention to detail is a requirement in the professional cleaning industry. You’ll need to be able to look at the big picture – how clean the overall building is, and the overarching tasks that need to be done, as well as the smaller picture – how clean things are, how well your team is paying attention to detail, and how happy your clients are. 

This is a juggling act, no doubt – but the job satisfaction is second to none. 

The Professional Cleaning Industry might be for you if: you have great attention to detail, and are passionate about helping people in a very tangible way.

If you’re looking for a new field of work, want to flourish in a booming sector and value making a difference in society, the professional cleaning industry might just be where you can shine.