12 Reasons To Start Looking for a Beauty Career

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Feb 2, 2021

Feb 2, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

In 2019, the beauty industry was reported to be worth 532 billion dollars globally. Have you always wanted to pursue a beauty career? If you want to learn about the benefits of a beauty career, we can help.

In this beauty career guide, we’ll go over why cosmetology is an excellent career choice.

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1. You’ll Be Self-Employed

The beauty industry is growing across the world. People need to hire a makeup artist or cosmetologist for different events.

Cosmetologists have the opportunity to make an unlimited source of income. You can build a name for yourself in this industry and grow a massive clientele.

Some cosmetologists will open a salon. Seasoned beauticians will open another location. You could buy a salon from someone who’s getting ready to leave the business or retire.

2. Work as a Beauty Consultant

After a few years, you could become a beauty consultant.

Consultants often open a school to train people who want to become cosmetologists. If you love to teach, consider this possibility.


3. Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

When you become a cosmetologist, you get to decide when you’ll book appointments. Some people prefer to work earlier in the day, while others prefer an evening shift.

Create a schedule that works best for you and your clients. Depending on the season, you might end up working extra hours. Some cosmetologists will work a lot during holiday seasons.

4. Boost Your Skills

Another benefit of a cosmetology career is you get to learn new skills. Makeup, hair, or nail art all involve providing different styles and designs to clients. You get to use your creative skills and learn new ones.

While you do these different types of work, you’ll grow as a cosmetologist and an artist. You’ll have more experience that you can use to style future clients.

Make sure you document your work. This way, you can see how you improve over time.


5. Build Your Network

Cosmetologists meet new clients and build a network of local cosmetologists. You'll also build a group of return clients. Some cosmetologists get to work with a celebrity or model.

In the past, when you visited a hair salon, did you end up chatting a lot with your cosmetologist? When you work as a cosmetologist, you'll get to meet new people.

You get to learn more about people and have fun interacting with them. You'll also have the opportunity to learn about new perspectives.

Enjoy making new connections in this industry and building your portfolio.

6. Meaningful Work

Cosmetologists get to work with clients and help them feel good about themselves. You will feel fulfilled after you help a client and transform their look.

If someone comes in before an interview, you'll help them prepare. By cutting a client's hair or completing their makeup, you help them make a good impression.

When you share your skills, you will boost your self-esteem and your client’s. This is how people build their clientele, as well. After a client visits you, they might share their experience with their network.

Cosmetologists can help people boost their confidence.

7. Choose Your Location

You could work in a salon or travel to new locations. Cosmetologists have the opportunity to work in cities that they haven’t been to before.

If you prefer to work close to home, you might end up working in a client’s home or at a local salon.

8. Create a Beauty Line

Cosmetologists can become the manufacturer of beauty products. You can distribute or manufacture a product. This is a chance to make more income.

9. Enjoy an Artistic Career

Job satisfaction doesn’t involve only money. If you dislike your daily work tasks, you won’t be happy during forty-hour work weeks.

When you earn a degree in cosmetology, you will have the chance to make decent pay and work in a creative field. Makeup artists, nail technicians, hairstylists, and aestheticians are artists.

You will come up with new hairstyles as a cosmetologist. You can show them to your clients. Cosmetologists enjoy playing with textures and colors while doing client's makeup.

You'll have the opportunity to create new styles and share them with your clientele.

10. Learn About New Styles

The beauty industry is always changing. New looks and styles appear all the time. If you want a beauty career, you won’t ever have a tedious job.

You’ll stay up to date with what’s popular and trending in the beauty world.

11. Cosmetology Programs Aren’t Long

Do you feel a bit uncertain about spending a lot of money and time on a new training program? To become a licensed cosmetologist, you don’t need a two or four-year degree.

You’ll need to meet state-specific licensing requirements. Most training is under a year. If you began your program this year, you could be working as a cosmetologist next year.

Learn how to get into cosmetology school.

12. Enjoy an Active Career

As a cosmetologist, you will be moving around and standing all day. You'll build some muscle and burn calories.

Some people dislike sitting behind a desk. Cosmetologists love their job because they get to keep moving.

Now You Know About the Benefits of a Beauty Career

We hope this beauty career guide was helpful. Now that you know the benefits of becoming a cosmetologist look for a local program.

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