5 Restaurant Hiring Tips To Improve Your Eatery's Reputation

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jan 29, 2021

Jan 29, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

There are about 11.9 million people in the restaurant industry in the United States. 

In such a big industry, the restaurant hiring process can be overwhelming, and keeping good staff can be difficult. Positive, talented, and dedicated employees are at the center of the foodservice business. 

If you're trying to grow your team, you must do so efficiently and intentionally. Your staff is the heart of your team and the base your brand stands on. Good hiring habits for restaurant owners make all the difference in this process. 

Use these 5 tips for your restaurant hiring process to attract the team you need for success. 

1. Be Transparent 

The first step in building a reliable team is outlining your expectations. Your potential hires need to know what their hours, job requirements, and benefits will be before they ever receive their first check stub

Burning out employees can be easy, especially in a fast-paced industry like foodservice. Being transparent about what is expected of your new team members will allow them to decide whether they are a good fit for your business. 

Employees who can manage their personal schedule while working for you are bound to take more pride in their work, help innovate solutions, and be more focused. 

2. Rely on References for Restaurant Hiring 

Your job application should either encourage or require applicants to provide references from their previous places of work. These references can tell you a great deal about your potential candidate and whether or not they are a good fit for your company. 

A hire that is comfortable to provide references has good working relationships with his or her previous employers, which is a great plus.  

3. Focus on Long-term Hires

The food service business is famous for being a good place for short-term work and a great way to make ends meet when things get tough. These are not the type of employees you're looking for. 

Seek out new team members looking for a long-term position, specifically individuals who want to grow within your company. These hires will work the hardest, hit their marks, and be dedicated to you.

Paying attention to the resume is key here. Please take a look at the length of time a candidate has spent at their previous jobs. Job hoppers are not going to give you the quality of work you need for your restaurant to succeed. 

4. Create Effective Training 

Creating effective training programs will ensure you make the most out of your new hires. They will clearly understand their expectations, tasks, and how to develop their skills as your employee. 

Training also can include learning about the companies brand and its story. Brand quality and integrity begin with the staff who come in contact with your customers every day. 

5. Develop A Referral Program 

Developing a referral program is a great way to incentivize the current members of your staff and entrust your staff to do a little recruiting for you. 

A staff member who recommends a great hire could receive a gift card or a bonus on their next check. A referred hire comes with a guarantee that another trusted member of your staff believes this person is a great fit for your restaurant. 

Grow Your Team

Figuring out how to hire a restaurant can be a difficult and costly process. Having trustworthy, dedicated staff is critical for keeping your customers happy and coming back. They are the core of your business. 

Now that you understand these important restaurant hiring tips, you're ready to grow your team. 

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