3 Ways to Stand Out on Your Job Search and Get the Interview

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jan 29, 2021

Jan 29, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

When you begin a job search, you're instantly in competition with countless other applicants, regardless of your area of expertise. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 7 million people looking for a job in December of 2020 alone.

But don't let that statistic scare you. If you know how to distinguish yourself and stand out from the crowd, you can get the interview at any company you wish (provided you have the qualifications).

To learn how to prevent your resume from becoming lost in the shuffle, just keep reading.

1. Put in the Effort

By far the best thing you can do to stand out from other applicants is to put in the effort required to do so. Instead of creating a generic resume to send out en mass to every employer that interests you, take the time to make adjustments to your resume for each company.

Now, you can still use tools to help you along such as a free resume builder, but be sure to tweak it as needed. Your resume or job application reflects the verbiage on the job posting, including requirements and past experience.

When a potential employer reads your resume, they should get the impression that you're interested in their specific company, not just sending a blanket list of tasks and accomplishments.

2. Check Your Attitude

After you've finished with your resume and begun applying for jobs, it's time to work on your attitude. Though your resume is important, plenty of people will have impressive resumes. This means you need something extra to really set yourself apart.

Employers want to see that you're a positive, eager candidate with a passion and drive to succeed in their company. This can sometimes be even more important than your experience, so be sure to have a stellar attitude on display in each and every interaction.

3. Show What You Can Do

Many applicants focus primarily on their skills in a resume. And while there's no harm in outlining the skills you're bringing to the table, more focus should be put on your accomplishments and results.

Your resume should give potential employers a taste of what they can expect, should you be added to the team. Share what you believe you could contribute to the company in the next five years, for example. Or give specific numbers such as how much you earned for your previous employer or how many people you managed.

Get the Interview and the Job of Your Dreams With These Tips

Embarking on a job search can be an overwhelming and stressful process. But if you know the steps to take to grab employers' attention and get the interview, you have a chance to land a job with any company you want.

By planning ahead, you'll also minimize the amount of anxiety you feel along the way. You can go into each interview with confidence knowing you've done your research and prepared for any question thrown your way.

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