How to Get More Done when Working from Home

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jan 5, 2021

Jan 5, 2021 • by Rebecca Smith

The idea of working from home was merely a dream 20 years ago, however remote work is increasingly a reality for many of us and this will be increasingly the case. If you’ve worked in an office for most of your career then making the transition and ensuring productivity may be tough. However, here are some great tips to ensure you make the most of this change. 

Waking Up Early

This is one of the hardest things for most people when working from home. You can often have little motivation to get up early because there is no office to go to and no boss tapping your back and irritated when you are late for work. When I was getting started with my writing career, I fell prey to this, and I would wake up at 11 AM and start my day. But this is not worth it.

You should train yourself to get up at the same time you would if you were going to an office because you need to get into a routine that will encourage productivity. Studies have shown people who get up early in the morning become more proactive, and you will find yourself becoming more productive much more quickly. When I get up at 7:30, I start working at 7:45. This is not that early compared to someone who has to worry about the morning commute, but it is not 11 AM either.

When you have a schedule in place, you will realize that your most productive hours are about three hours after starting. The most productive hours for me have been from 8 AM to 11 AM. I find my mind to be sharper after taking breakfast. I am motivated to work harder, faster, and more efficiently because it is early in the day and I want to be done with my day as early as possible. In my business, people check the internet for news before noontime as they get to work themselves. Getting up early has helped me become more successful than my competition, still sleeping as I work. I become the early bird that catches the worm.

Avoid Working Where You Sleep

This is a lesson that I learned early on, but I had no other option when starting my blogging career on my bed in my Manhattan apartment because that was the only thing I had. If you find yourself feeling lazier working with pajamas on, then working from the bed triples that feeling. Working can be stressful, and the last thing you want is to get stressed in a place where you are supposed to relax on and sleep at night.

This also applies to those who work close to where they sleep. When I did not have much floor space, I got a tiny desk and put it a foot away from my bed. In the morning, I would just roll off the mattress and start working thirty seconds later with my pajamas still on. You might have no other option because of your living space arrangements, but you need to try your best to avoid this.

Now I can live in two-bedroom apartments where I can use one room for my work. This is because I need to have another space to work in and not have different sleeping quarters with my wife. I now have a workroom dedicated to working only. This has made me feel like a person with a more traditional space, as opposed to being a guy who just wakes up, reaches for the laptop, and begins their day. When working from home full time, you can write off part of your rent as a business expense because you are using it as your workplace. If your budget allows, you can choose to rent office space somewhere outside your home. This is a good option if you don’t mind commuting for longer compared to twelve paces you are going to take with a home office. 

Making a Schedule

This is self-explanatory, but many people will have a hard time functioning properly when working from home if there is no regimented schedule in place to guide them. This starts by waking up at a given time every day and making a schedule for anything that needs to be done that day.

This is going to depend on the type of work you do. I work for three different sites. I know the time I need to have the post up and I usually base my schedule around that. Furthermore, I usually check the sites' domain authority a couple times a week. Companies like Sure Oak mention that checking your DA regularly is beneficial because it enables you to gauge just how far ahead your competitors’ websites are of your own. Knowing that will give you some indication of how long it may take and how much effort would be needed to begin competing for traffic with your competitors within the search engines.Most of my work is done in the morning, and I can write something in the morning that is going to be posted later in the day because of my advanced scheduling. The work is always done and I never miss the deadlines because I have permanently etched the schedule in my brain. I have done the same thing for errands, meals, and gym time. This has allowed me to accomplish more within the workday, and have more free time later.

I no longer write down my schedule because it is all locked in. It is important to write down your schedule when starting out because it will help you stick to it. There are many apps you can use for this.

Working Out

Working from home gives you the chance of scheduling activities into the workday that you wouldn’t if you were going to the traditional office. Working out is one of these activities, and it is a good idea when working from home, and it is going to play into both self-discipline and motivation.

Office jobs today have become sedentary, but working from home is worse. At least working in an office means walking around the office building and climbing stairs. You might be surprised to see you only have a few hundred steps because you are making trips from your bedroom to your office and kitchen. It can be even hard to go up and down the stairs when you work from home.

Being sedentary is not good because it is harmful to your health. It is also going to affect your discipline and motivation. You will get a boost of energy after your workout and this will help with productivity, which is supported by many studies. You will find yourself thinking more clearly. You will also feel proud because you have done something right for your body. You are going to notice a difference as soon as you start working out.

It can be a little challenging to plan a trip to the gym a couple of miles away from your home, and can easily end up taking a huge chunk out of your workday. This is why you should consider going with home workout programs. It might seem goofy when you start because some people see it as something meant for bored housewives, but I have come to realize there is nothing further from the truth. Some programs have turned my life around and done wonders for my professional life too. One program that I thought was impossible but I have managed to complete is P90X. Now I have started a similar program known as Les Mills Combat. These programs don’t take a lot of time. Some will require you to set aside just 20 minutes of your time. If you start and stick with the program, you will end up in amazing shape and your brain is going to be ready for the work you are about to do. You should do the workouts earlier than later because you want to get all the physical and psychological benefits that come with working out. Look for a home workout program and get started.

Eating Well

One of the things many of us fail at when working from home is eating well. Being around the house leaves many of us open to the sweet temptations of our cupboards.

Eating well and preparing your food for the day in advance limits the chances of you failing to do so and consuming sugary and fatty snacks. By eating well you’ll improve your productivity and also feel better in other aspects of your life. It’s also pivotal to ensure you’re well hydrated in such an instance too and if you miss the clean filtered taste of the water cooler, then why not invest in a water filter for your home. Remember, staying hydrated can really help you focus and get more done. 

Earning Rewards

Some people claim they cannot work from home because they cannot achieve anything because they will spend all the time watching TV. What I can tell you is you can do this, but to a certain point.

One of the biggest benefits of working from home is working whenever you want and doing whatever you want, but this article is there to show you ways of balancing that with discipline and productivity. Instead of spending your entire day in front of your TV watching the latest episodes of your favorite shows, use the shows as a reward.

Watch an episode of your favorite show after you have done two hours of solid work. Finish that important project before turning on your PS5 and playing for a little while. Make the distractions your reward because it gives you the willpower to use them in moderation. You should be careful. You can end up spending five hours watching a TV show because you worked for an hour. Micro-rewards are going to help you achieve a lot. You will feel accomplished every time you finish up on a task, and you give yourself some time to recharge.

Going Outside

Your home or apartment can end up becoming a bunker when you work from home. It is safe and has everything you need, and this is why you might not see a need to leave it. Extroverts don’t have to worry much about this because their personality will force them to seek out adventure elsewhere. Extroverts usually have the hardest time when it comes to working from home because of the many reasons listed.

Introverts thrive in such environments. It is almost perfect for them. There have been times when I realize I haven’t left the house in three days. This is not good. Your body needs to get sunlight. You need it for your mental sanity, whether it is running errands, taking a walk, or anything outside. You don’t want to end up a recluse in your home alone with dozens of anxious cats providing you company. You need to actively think about it because it is easy to forget and realize it after a couple of days.

Many people will ask me why I can’t just work in a coffee shop. You can work from a coffee shop, but it will depend on your personality. You will get the chance of being out and about, but is the crappy Wi-Fi in the coffee shop good enough? If you are okay with a small table instead of your entire, then it is a good option. Just be ready to deal with the coffee smell. The cons of working from a coffee shop outweigh the pros, even though you get the chance of being “out of the house”.