6 Reasons Your Company Should Hire an SEO Specialist

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 4, 2018

Jul 4, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

A whopping 80-90% of customers check online reviews before buying, and this statistic is only supposed to increase over time. So, what does this tells us?

Your customers are out there surfing the internet as we speak, and you need to reach out to them.

The easiest way to achieve this is to implement an effective SEO strategy. However, most business owners neither have the time nor the skills to pull this off.

This is where the services of an SEO specialist comes in handy. With that in mind, let's dive into all the benefits of hiring a professional to help you up your marketing game.

1. You Need to Rank Your Business on Search Engines

Whether you like it or not, Google and Bing use complicated algorithms to analyze your web content and rank it.

Where Google and Bing position your website on their search results is crucial. The higher you are, the better chance you have of finding customers and making a sale. It's as simple as that.

Consumers don't have time to trawl through copious search results to find you. You need to know what Google's looking for and respond accordingly. If you're unsure, hire an expert.

2. Your Competition Is Probably Using an Seo Specialist

Why do you think your competitors are outranking you?

Answer: they've probably consulted with an SEO specialist and have implemented their advice.

So, follow their lead. Or, take the risk of getting left behind.

Speaking of competition, an SEO expert should also be able to track your competitors and learn from their success.

This information is crucial when it comes to crafting a strategy that'll keep you on top. They should grasp all of the following:

  • What your competitors are doing right and wrong.
  • What keywords they're using
  • How you can differentiate yourself and give yourself an edge
This information is like gold dust; it'll certainly help you refine your marketing strategy and give you a competitive edge.

3. The Focus Needs to Be on Quality

As you probably already know, you used to be able to rank your website by buying a ton of backlinks. Fortunately, this shady practice no longer works for website SEO.

In fact, Google penalizes sites that have purchased spammy links to improve their rankings. Instead, you need to focus on crafting top quality content and organically acquiring backlinks from reputable websites.

A good SEO expert can track the keywords your site's ranking for and monitor the state of your backlinks. From there they can figure out what you need to do to improve your standing.

4. Get More Traffic

Without customers coming to your website, you won't make sales. The easiest way to fix that is by positioning your site within the top three Google results.

The aim of the game is to get your site in front of as many potential customers as possible, and SEO is by far the simplest way of doing that. Focusing on organic traffic is a reliable way of building a profitable and sustainable online business.

5. Perfecting Your Seo Strategy Is a Worthy Investment

Although SEO strategies have dramatically changed over time, they're still as relevant as they ever were. SEO won't be going anywhere any time soon. This is why this kind of marketing is worth investing in.

It's not like other fads that are here today and gone tomorrow. However, as we've already said, SEO techniques can drastically change, quickly.

If you want to rank your site and stay in the top spot, you'll need professional help, and let's face it; business owners are usually incredibly busy.

You won't have time to get to grips with the intricate art that is SEO. Trying to teach yourself everything you need to know will only waste your time, and potentially money.

There's a lot to study up on:

  • The state of your current site
  • How to optimize your web content
  • How to improve your customer's online experience
  • How to accumulate useful Backlinks
  • How to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy
  • How to optimize your site for local SEO

Also, unless you already have an in-house marketing team with all the gear, there's a good chance you won't be able to afford the best SEO software (or know how to use it effectively). Therefore, outsourcing this burden often makes good financial sense.

Plus, in addition to all of the above, a decent SEO expert should be able to complement their SEO strategies alongside the below topics:

  • Other forms of digital marketing
  • Customer communications
  • Your business goals

You get the idea; there's a lot an SEO specialist can do to grow your business.

6. Boost Brand Awareness

Naturally, by building a robust online presence, you'll help boost your brand. A top spot on Google screams credibility; it's a great way of building trust with potential clients before they've even seen what you have to offer.

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