Best Business Majors and How to Apply Them to Your Career

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Nov 10, 2020

Nov 10, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

With countless majors and specializations to choose from, how can you be sure that you are making the right decision? If you are having trouble choosing your major, you should consider options in the field of business. A degree in business is a potentially incredible investment. 

Here are some of the best business majors and how they can help you in your career.


Accountants are taught in school to prepare and examine business' financial records. Although this major will prepare you fully for careers in the corporate world, you can also apply things you learn in your own life. Accounting is a versatile field. With this major, you will enjoy secure job opportunities in whatever industry you enter. 


If your goal is to start and manage your own business, you should major in entrepreneurship. By taking this path, you can learn about basic accounting, marketing, performance and employee management and business strategies.

Majoring in entrepreneurship also provides you with a fallback plan. Should your entrepreneurial activities fail, you can always apply your knowledge in organizations you work in. 


E-commerce is a major that is a popular option for college students. This innovative program provides expertise in this dynamic industry. 

This major also has many applications in your future career. It provides a comprehensive understanding of e-commerce management and the necessary skills to establish electronic services. Armed with this knowledge, you can become a management specialist, application designer, internet marketer, or entrepreneur.

Marketing Management

Although the marketing industry has shifted in recent years, marketing management still remains as one of the best majors in the field of business. Not only will you gain a thorough understanding in the fundamentals of maintaining a successful social media presence and how to maximize the utility of the internet, you will also gain knowledge about branding.

In your future career, this knowledge will allow you to better understand your audience. In addition, you might also be offered positions in public relations firms where you can exercise what you know about effective branding. 


If you choose economics as your college major, you will be well-versed in any economic discourse. Because of this, you will develop critical thinking skills while focusing on different economic policies. 

You can also work in many industries as a contract specialist, economist, or even a budget analyst because you can effectively identify economic trends. 

Human Resources

Vital to any business, a degree in human resource management is extremely valuable. This major centers on understanding and managing employees- those who commit their effort and time to their company.

You will also gain expertise in organizational behavior, employee selection, motivating employees, and labor relations. This major will also help identify and retain talent that forms the core of your company.

International Business

Are you interested in both business and different cultures? If so, international business might be the ideal major. Patrick Dwyer, former top Merrill Wealth Advisor had this to say, “A degree in international business will educate you about everything you need to know about global commerce, international markets, and collaboration with different cultures.”

Most importantly, you will learn about concepts essential to running a global business. Because of this, you can become a specialist, logistician, or a management analyst. 

Public Relations

One of the most important areas of any business, public relations is crucial for maintaining a positive company image. If you choose public relations as your major, you will be able effectively influence the public to the benefit of your company. 

“Public relations teaches you how to market and brand yourself effectively. You can also become an expert in event planning, coordination, and strategic communications.” commented Keith Gainsboro, CEO of Elevate Communications.

Public Administration

If you want to skip working in the private sector and prefer nonprofit organizations and public service, go with public administration. This major goes beyond the basic concepts of business as it imparts how to actualize specific advocacies.

It will also teach you the ropes of fiscal administration, and how to be a leader in the public sector. In the future, you can apply everything you have learned as you work for national or local governments, as well as nonprofit organizations.

Communication Management

If you want to become a compelling leader, communication management is something you should consider. This degree exposes you to communication strategies that are integral in business.

With this program, you can work in any field and efficiently relay your ideas with confidence. 

Business Administration and Management

If you want to study the basic concepts behind effective business processes, majoring in business administration and management is a smart move. This major provides a look at how businesses work from a new perspective. It exposes you to global and financial issues, provides analytical skills, and leadership strategies and ethics you should consider. 

Soon, you can impart your knowledge as you build your own empire, or work as a promotion manager, analyst, financial advisor, or administrative manager. 

Choose Your Business Major Wisely

Any business major prepares you for the current job market. These majors also enable you to secure a stable and adequate salary. The practical majors listed above will allow you to work with any company, regardless of industry. As a result, you will have the practical skills needed to excel in any job or business opportunity.