Reasons Why Starting an Online Business Is an Excellent Career Move

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Nov 3, 2020

Nov 3, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

This fact may or may not surprise you, but many young people today hate their jobs. There’s a high rate of employees switching occupations regularly.

A Gallup poll showed that only 29% of millennials are satisfied with the work they do. Most are unmotivated and uninspired. They’re likely to leave their present employer within a year.

If you’re one of them and are looking for new career opportunities, consider going into business. We’re talking about being an online entrepreneur.

Here are the benefits of being a boss on the internet.

A Myriad of Ideas

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a business to start. The only limitation is your imagination and creativity.

Some of the popular options for newbies include affiliate marketing, e-commerce, print-on-demand, and blogging. You can also earn by offering free service and promoting a paid option on the backend. 

Nowadays, many websites provide complimentary comparison advice on electricity, gas, and water, which is sought by many people. After giving the information, visitors are recommended added-value assistance at a price.

For example, they might search "compare energy using", and they’ll get valuable data that answers their question and a solution.

Start-Up Is Easy and Inexpensive

Unlike traditional brick and mortar businesses, you don’t need a huge capital to set up an online presence. There are no premises to buy or rent or staff to employ.

All you need is a computer and a connection to the internet. Many people use their smartphones to manage their activities.

Although it’s advantageous, depending on what you’re selling, you may not need a website. An email address for communicating with your clients and suppliers will suffice.

However, if you’re into e-commerce, then you’ll need an online store. You could save by using a free blog. If you’re serious about your business, we suggest you do it right from the onset.

Get a domain, which is your address in the cyber world. With hosting, it’ll cost you less than $50 a year if you start small. 

Unlimited Earning Potential

As a wage earner, your employer decides how much you earn. It doesn’t matter how hardworking or how talented you are.

When you’re the boss, you set your goals. The internet is the perfect platform for ambitious individuals because there are no limits to your earning capacity. 

Be aware that there are no guarantees. All you have is the opportunity to generate the revenue you desire.

To emphasize the potential, take a look at these figures:

  1. There were more than 1.9 billiononline shoppers in 2019;
  2. Internet merchandise trading accounted for 22% of the total worldwide retail business;
  3. In the same year, retail web sales of physical goods came close to $344 billion. Projections show that amount to reach $476 billion in 2024. 
  4. E-commerce sales surpassed $3.5 trillion globally last year. Its growth path shows it'll hit almost $5 trillion in 2021.

No Tertiary Qualifications Required

It’s getting more competitive in the conventional workplace today. There’s more emphasis on degrees and other academic certifications when applying for a job. This stringent criterion for career seekers is causing many individuals to get deep into debt with student loans. 

On the other hand, starting an online business requires no paper proviso. Anyone with a desire to be successful and the willingness to do what it takes can run a profitable internet enterprise.

You can study and gain the knowledge you require to make your chosen venture work. Many web how-to courses don’t cost a dime. 

Also, you don’t have to complete the whole curriculum before you can embark on your pursuit. You can learn as you go along, so you’ll also benefit from the experience. It's a more practical approach.

Freedom and Flexibility

The usual way of earning income is by exchanging time for money. To earn more, you’ll have to work longer hours. You may have to give up on activities you enjoy to generate the amount you want. 

Most company owners don’t have room in their busy schedules for their families or vacations. Individuals pursuing a career face the same predicament.

An online business offers you a degree of freedom that no job or traditional establishment can match. 

There are no office hours. The internet is open all day, which means a continuous flow of customers to your store. Once you’re adequately organized with all the merchandise and processes in place, you’re all set. 

Your website will automatically handle visitors and sales, even while you sleep. Now, you’ll be able to take your family for vacations and be a more significant part of your children’s lives

With flexibility, you can manage your business while sipping a mojito by the beach. You’ll only need your computer or smartphone, and an internet connection. You choose when you want to work. If you’re a night owl, you don’t have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning to go to work.


Although not all online ventures are safe from economic downturns, you’re more likely to survive a slump than wage earners. Employees are dispensable. When companies face financial difficulties, workforce cuts are among the first to be made.

If you choose the right niche, your internet business will continue to generate revenue during a recession. People will still shop for their needs. 

It’s also possible that your enterprise will thrive as more individuals switch to purchasing online, as the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 showed.

A Viable Option to a Profession

Many disadvantages affect a typical career path. You’ve seen how venturing online is a way of overcoming those setbacks. 

Whether you want more time freedom in your life or the ability to earn what you aspire, it’s worth considering starting an internet business. The potential growth of global e-commerce also offers an exciting opportunity.

It’ll take a change in mindset if you’ve always been an employee. You’ll have to develop new habits of thinking and doing things. However, with knowledge and a burning desire to pursue a fulfilling life, you’ll remove all obstacles and be on your way to success.