5 Tech Careers In High Demand For 2021

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Sep 8, 2020

Sep 8, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

There is no disputing that the tech industry is booming. According to recently published statistics, the global market spend in the tech space was $3.36 billion in 2019.

This will lead to more tech careers in the coming years, since the demand for innovation is so high. And for any company that wants to stay competitive, having the right technology team in place is invaluable.

What does this mean for tech career seekers? Enticing salaries, competitive bonuses, increased opportunity, and much more. Not to mention working with the best technology like application design engineering platforms, or JFrog container registries.

Let’s take a closer look at the tech careers in high demand for 2021 and beyond.

1. Software Engineer

The tech industry would be in disarray if it were not for software engineers. This is certainly a tech career in high demand for 2021. Software engineers are versatile and their work is used by everyone daily. Smartphone apps, your internet browser, and more were developed by software engineers.

Job security for engineers is also a non-issue. The BLS job outlook for this tech career is in excess of 21 percent from 2020 to 2028. And the average salary is worth noting at $105,000+ annually. This is just the average. Engineers can make in excess of $300,000 per year.

The path toward a career in software engineering often requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science. However, more companies are becoming less interested with your degree, and more interested in the practical experience in software development you are bringing to the table.

2. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Another tech career that is set to be in high demand is another engineering job. Artificial intelligence (AI) engineers are needed, and most certainly wanted, by top companies across the globe.

Why? Companies are seeing the potential for automation, causing a shift in this tech industry field. This has served well for engineers in the AI and machine learning space. And the outlook for AI engineers is exceptional.

The average salary for an AI/machine learning engineer is $146,000+ annually, according to the BLS. The growth opportunity for this career is pretty stellar as well with a projected growth of 300 percent. Yes, 300 percent, which is a bit lower from the growth percentage of nearly 400 percent in 2018.

3. Data Scientist Tech Career

A data scientist job is a top tech career worth considering for 2021. There is no shortage of companies and organizations in need of data collection, from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to global tech giants like Google and Facebook.

Having professional data scientists at the ready, companies and organizations can stay competitive, as well as deliver highly sensitive analyses that could protect countries. What do data scientists do exactly? Data scientists compile, clean and serve up data in order for stakeholders to make informed decisions.

There is also a massive gap in the job market for data scientists currently. And if you are interested in this tech career, the benefits and salary are enticing. The average annual salary of a data scientist is $120,000+ with a job growth in excess of 56 percent, according to the BLS.

4. Computer Hardware Engineer

This is a tech career that many people don’t think about. But make no mistake, this is a career in the tech industry that has serious job market potential for any innovative tech professionals. 

The median salary for a computer hardware engineer is $114,000+ annually. That is only the median. Seasoned experts in this tech field can earn up to $350,000 in a top enterprise company. 

The job outlook is less than the other tech careers listed, with an estimated 6 percent job growth for the coming years. But make no mistake, this lucrative career could be the opportunity worth considering if hands-on innovation is what you are looking for.

5. DevOps Engineer Tech Career

The technology space is ever growing, and the need for multi-skilled engineers and developers is tethered to this growth. That makes DevOps engineers a must-have for companies large and small. Even companies outside of the tech industry are turning to DevOps engineers for internal networks, like Intranet.

DevOps engineers are production specialists, overseeing software production, code releases, and operations management. The median salary for a DevOps engineer is $111,000+ with endless job growth opportunities.

Wrapping Up . . . 

The above five tech careers are certainly worth considering. They are in high demand now, and will be in very high demand in 2021, especially now that many comapnies are moving to a more digital presence due to COVID-19. The job market in the tech space is serving up great salaries, multiple growth opportunities, and more. Is one of the above your next tech career?