How You Can Start A Career In Gaming

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Sep 8, 2020

Sep 8, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

If you're into virtual fun, it’s possible to convert that passion into a paying career. The gaming industry is flooded with self-taught video designers who started their journey from humble beginnings. It begins by having a passion for gaming, and the rest follows. 

In this article, we will talk about how you can become a professional gamer and improve your chances of getting hired by game companies. 

1 - Get University Education, Or Teach Yourself 

Education is key in landing almost every high-paying job, and gaming is no exception. Although most people advocate for self-teaching, getting a university education gives you an added advantage if you want to work with most competent gaming companies.

Being a self-taught gamer is also helpful because you can learn most coding skills that are not taught at schools. The key to become a successful gamer starts with playing games online. Play and improve your skills in gaming. There are several platforms that allow you to play games like Twitch, Dlive, Roku and others. However, due to geo-restrictions, you might not be able to access all the gaming platforms in your country. In such a case, you can use a VPN to continue your learning. For example, you can use a VPN for Roku to unblock the platforms of your choice. 

After you have become a skilled player, you will know how the characters react on screen, what sort of formats and themes are most loved. This is when you should start learning programming to start creating characters and themes yourself. When you teach yourself programming at home by going through online tutorials and videos, you can get almost everything in detail and repeat some hard programming skills until you master them. Most game designers started by learning how to program games at home.

If you are a self-taught programmer, it can help you start your private business as a hacker. However, to get hired by a professional company, you will need papers, and you only get that when you get some college degree.

2 - Have Skills Matching Your Target Job

It's not all about being a programmer or learning some coding skills. You want to ensure you have the right skills to help you get your dream job in this industry. That means you should first research the job you want.

Find out more about the skills and qualifications you need to land that job. For instance, if you want to work as a game designer, you should first apply for any entry-level job like a QA tester to start your journey. 

If you want to start a career in gaming, you must ensure you have some basic skills that most employers would look for. For example, you should have programming skills, storytelling ability, teamwork, critical thinking, effective communication, and many others.

Every skill you have should match what your dream job entails. Programming is the most useful skill you should have if you intend to land even the most underrated gaming job.

3 - Establish A Personal Brand Online

Apart from just having outstanding programming skills, you must also have an online portfolio to land a gaming job. The simplest way to establish an online portfolio is to start your website and host it. 

This will help you link up with clients in a more professional way. You can share your contact information, expertise, and innovation through the website and attract more potential employers.

Another tip: if you start setting your portfolio, you should always take one step at a time. Start small and grow your presence. If you have a passion for playing virtual games, you probably desire to create your unique games for others to play.

That said you can give yourself some weeks to come up with a game and invite users to rate it. Have some small projects that will keep you going and building your online portfolio.

You can also start a gaming blog and write more about the industry. It gives you a platform to share with those who've been in the industry. Also, by blogging, you increase your visibility as people share your content on social forums.

The more people know about your skills, the higher your chances of securing a job with high-end companies.

4 - Draft A Good Resume

When drafting your resume to send to a potential employer, you want to ensure it entails all the details. For example, you should include your education, experience, referees, and contacts.

Another mistake that most graduates make is calling themselves experts in their CVs – don't fall into this trap. Gaming is a dynamic industry, which means it keeps changing. Therefore, by calling yourself an expert, you are simply making employers think twice when hiring you for the job.

Whether you are talented or believe you have the best to offer, you should refrain from calling yourself an expert in the resume. Ensure you draft your CV the right way to make it more presentable when applying for a job.

5 - Prove To Employers You Experience Level 

How does an employer know that you are fit for the job? Simple: just prove that you've done some successful project before.

If you want to get experience in game design, you have to make some games, like indie games and share it around. You can access some of the online free gaming tools to design your game.

It positions you well before a potential employer. You never know when a gaming studio will bump into one of your self-made games and give you the call to join their team.

You can also gain experience in making a virtual game by becoming an intern at a video game studio. You can volunteer to help your dream company finish their dream game and gain some experience. Most companies are willing to take in interns even if they've never had any experience making games.

Before you're recruited with a game company, you must prove you have the experience to work with them, and building your games makes you look experienced to any employer.

6 - Take Part In A Game Jam

Participating in game jams can also help you market your skills and improve your job landing chances.

Once you participate in a game jam, you improve your portfolio for working with a team to complete a project successfully. You also expand your professional network by meeting people that can link you with a potential employer.

Although the chances of getting a job after taking part in game jams are minimal, it is still something you can try. Someday, you can land your dream job through these game jams.

Final Thoughts 

The game industry keeps changing, and only the top talent secures their dream job. If you want to land a job as a game designer, you have to prove your proficiency and competence. 

Market yourself by increasing your visibility online and positioning before possible employers. Above all, you want to be persistent in everything you do.