The Complete Guide That Makes Job Interview Preparation Simple

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Sep 7, 2020

Sep 7, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

If you're trying to land that perfect dream job, you have to ace the interview first. While there's never just one foolproof strategy for succeeding in a job interview, there are a few words of advice that will steer you toward giving it your best shot. 

Read on to consider these job interview preparation tips to the fullest. 

Make Sure That You're Applying to the Right Jobs

First off, apply for jobs that are best for you. The best interview in the world doesn't matter if you apply for a position that you're not qualified for. 

You need to be able to speak competently about the position and the field as a whole. Choose roles that excite you. Your enthusiasm will shine through in the interview when it's a job that you want to take. 

Keep your eye on postings for jobs that you'll enjoy, and get organized and strategic in your application process. 

Set up an e-mail address that you only use to apply for jobs and have correspondence with the companies. 

Use this article to guide you toward setting up folders for these applications:

Deep Dive Research the Company That is Interviewing You

Learn all that you can about the company that conducts the interview. They want to know that you understand the industry, the job role, and the company. 

Who is the company CEO? How long have they been in business? 

What is their mission statement? Do you know anyone that works there?

Showing an interest in the company itself lets the interviewer know that you fit into a team environment and that you'll be an asset to their culture. 

Practice Your Diction and Speech

Becoming an effective communicator is the best thing that you can do to interview well. Like anything in life, this only happens when you practice at it. 

Work through several speech exercises so that you can ditch bad habits, open your mouth more when you speak, correctly use your tongue, and wield the language with confidence and assertiveness.

You can also work through some tongue twisters and other exercises that strengthen your jaw muscles and allow you to speak more clearly. 

The work that you put in will show itself because you'll become better at expressing your ideas and letting your personality shine through. This will also help you to remove filler language so that your words hit home with more resonance. 

Aside from practicing the way you speak, make sure that you also practicing watching and correcting the things that you speak about. Living a life of positive speech keeps you in an elected state of mind filled with enthusiasm and possibilities. 

Run Through a Variety of Mock Interview Scenarios

Preparation is critical if you'd like to do well in a job interview. Most people don't interview well because they're caught off guard by something. 

You can't prepare for everything, but controlling what's within your grasp will help with the nerves and jitters.

Going through mock scenarios will also help you think more deeply about yourself as a professional so that you're also more equipped to answer the questions that you are caught off guard by. 

Take the Time to Meditate, Workout, Eat Well and Sleep

Your health plays a huge role in the job interview process also. Most people deal with nerves in interviews, which increases their heart rate and stress hormone levels as part of the fight or flight reflex. 

When your body is stronger and more fit you're better equipped to deal with these stressors. Physical fitness also builds a stronger brain, which will help you to think clearly and stay calm. 

It's best to exercise four to six days a week so that you're always fit and ready for interviews. Make especially sure that you get a workout in on the morning of the interview so that your body is filled with positive endorphins. 

Meditation is also helpful at calming your mind and helping you think more clearly. Eat a healthy breakfast and make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before. 

Have a Fresh Set of New Job Interview Outfits

You have to dress to impress when going in for a job interview. Even if the company dresses casually, take it upon yourself to wear formal interview clothes to show that you're taking it seriously. 

Dressing appropriately is even important when applying for a work from home job. Not only do sharp clothes impress interviewers -- you'll also impress yourself. 

When you know you look good you'll feel good and move with more confidence. This is incredibly invaluable and will help you interview better. 

Get There Early and Settle In

This one can't be stressed enough. 

Many people put themselves in the hole during the interview process because they arrive late or find themselves running late. Lateness creates a horrible first impression.

Even if you're just running late, you'll riddle yourself with so much stress about creating that horrible first impression that you'll show up sweaty, rushed and unable to think clearly. 

Conversely, when you make it your goal to show up an hour early anyway, you won't deal with this stress. Showing up this early lets you account for any setbacks in traffic or having trouble finding the place. 

Getting there early marks your first win, which builds your confidence and gives you lots of time to relax, settle your nerves, and practice. 

Consider This Job Interview Preparation

These job interview preparation tips will assist you to the fullest. They're excellent tips because they apply to absolutely any job that you're interviewing for. 

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