Back on the Saddle: 5 Things to Do Before You Go Back to Work After a Long Hiatus

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Aug 27, 2020

Aug 27, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith


It's easy to get used to being out of the office. But eventually, you'll have to go back to work and that means readjusting.

Easing back into work-life can be tough. All of that freedom, and living on your own schedule are just a couple of perks you'll have to give up. But there are some things you can do to make the transition easier to swallow. 

If you're ending a long vacation or have been unemployed for a while, here are some tips to make the switch seem less drastic...

Adjust Your Routines Beforehand

If you've been away from an office for a long time, you might have adapted your own schedule. That means staying up late to watch your favorite shows, or getting up later than usual because you don't face a long commute. If you drive for a living, you can read this blog post about evaluating your readiness to return to work. 

You may also have adjusted your lunchtime to suit your vacation schedule, rather than eating around noon like most others. Get into the habit of getting up when you'll need to leave for work, and adjusting your eating times before you return to the workplace. 

Build-in Home Time Following Vacation

If you've been away on a vacation for an extended period of time, it's probably not a good idea to jump right back into a work schedule. 

Instead, give yourself a day or two at home following your return to take care of grocery shopping, as well as washing or ironing clothes you'll need for your professional life. You might even want to use this time to sleep to get over your jet lag if you've been in a different time zone for a while. 

Look Ahead To Important Tasks

You might want to connect with your boss to find out what significant deadlines are approaching. That way when you do return to the office, you'll be prepared for a meeting or know that a report is due. 

As another option, you can ask you boss to send you an email a day or two before you return to update you on what's going on and what to expect. 

Remove Distractions

If you've been in vacation mode for a while, you might have got used to silence or listening to your favorite music. When you return to the office you might find the noise and other distractions are a bit much. 

If your office allows, you can put on headphones so the people chatting near your desk don't interrupt your workflow. Also, try to keep those social media tabs closed while you transition back to work as you might be tempted to check your notifications. 

Make It Easier To Go Back To Work

It can be a challenge to return to the office following a long vacation or period of unemployment.

However, by adjusting your routines to match your work schedule ahead of time, and learning about tasks that will be waiting for you, the transition can be easier. Getting rid of unnecessary distractions can also help you focus on your job. 

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