Industries With Jobs Available Amid the Pandemic

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Aug 25, 2020

Aug 25, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

A lot of people are left to reconsider their career options as a result of the corona pandemic. It is tough even to know where to start. The current situation is not business as usual.

The COVID 19 pandemic has caused an unemployment crisis around the world, leaving professionals laid-off or forced to take unpaid leave. As more and more workers lose jobs, now may not seem like a good time to be looking for a job. However, some sectors need more support and therefore have vacancies for professionals even with the corona pandemic.

Believe it, or not many companies are looking for professionals to fill in the open positions in specific industries. These companies are using this time to vet potential candidates who are at home and have more time on their hands to pursue other opportunities.

The coronavirus is just not a health crisis but also an economic crisis. While some sectors of the economy are shutting down at least temporarily, other industries are hiring more staff. These are sectors that support the "stay at home policy" like the online retail, health sector and the telecommunications sector.

We look at the sectors that are employing more people currently;

  • Health care services industry

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the job vacancies in the health care services industries have increased exponentially. Many of the health systems of various countries are limited, and the sector is massively recruiting new staff to help manage the pandemic.

Home caring services sector also has insatiable personnel vacancies. The elderly and people with terminal illnesses now have to recuperate at home, and therefore health care services are high in demand.

COVID – 19 patients are also now treated at home currently hence the many opportunities in this industry.

  • Communications and Technology industry

With people working from home due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, technology services are in high demand. Services such as internet connectivity have become a necessity in today's world. Many companies have now opted for online meetings and virtual presence technologies to support their operations.

The education sector has also moved online with students carrying out their studies from home, and this needs technology support. As shopping is now online as advised by many health service providers, technology support is essential to support this too. IT services are also vital in creating online e-commerce websites.

  • Shipping industry

As a result of online shopping, shipping services have come in high demand. Customers who purchase products online need shipping and delivery services as compared to when they would visit the retail shops physically.

The cruise industry has, however, been negatively affected by the pandemic and is almost at a standstill. Most countries have either locked down their borders or are issuing travel advisories hence slowing down the tourism and cruise industry.

  • Banking and finance industry

The banking industry has now moved most of its operations online, and still is recording an increase in financial transactions in this COVID-19 pandemic era. Individuals are increasingly requesting for loans from banks and other financial institutions, and therefore more staff are needed to support this sector.

  • Government entities and non-profits

This industry is looking for talented personnel that can provide public health communications and community support. Government entities need people who can train the public on health awareness issues and how to keep the community safe from COVID – 19 transmissions that have hit an all-time high.

Government entities and non-profit organizations are also recruiting personnel to help with the distribution of foodstuff and other necessities to the communities who are adversely affected by the pandemic.

  • The biotech and pharmaceutical industry

Intense research is ongoing in the endeavour to find a vaccine for the COVID – 19 virus, and this has created a lot of opportunities in this sector. The increase in demand for the supply of pharmaceutical drugs has also created a massive need for pharmaceutical technologists and pharmacists. More and more personnel are needed to help supply drugs to the communities affected by the pandemic.

  • Education

The education sector has been adversely affected by the COVID – 19 pandemic. Despite the negative effect, the operations of the education sector are ongoing, and the demand for teachers, lecturers and technology support is increasingly growing to help develop online curriculums for the various institutions worldwide.

Lecturers and teachers also need to undergo further training now on how to deliver educational content through the various online channels available, for example, zoom and google meet applications. The education sector will, however, continue to shift online even after the COVID-19 pandemic and the industry will perpetually have numerous opportunities.

In conclusion, the sectors mentioned above are not the only sectors offering employment opportunities currently. Additionally, it is not a must one has qualifications in the industries specified to be able to secure opportunities advertised. There may be positions available in these industries that do not require core competencies in the specific sectors. An example is there may be administrative positions or other support vacancies in the health care sector, and these positions do not necessarily dictate that one has graduated from a medical college.