Top Career Ideas That You Probably Haven't Thought Of

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Aug 7, 2020

Aug 7, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

Finding a job or career you love can be incredibly difficult, but they certainly do make life more enjoyable. After all, who actually wants to live in a world in which only boring occupations exist? Since all people have to work and make money, we deserve a possibility of working at something that doesn't provoke yawns when talking about it.

The coolest jobs give us some sort of hope. They inspire us to strive for a life that rewards playfulness, risk-taking, curiosity, and friendly service to others. New and upcoming careers represent bold steps in human evolution. New positions and companies are constantly opening up as people come up with better and faster ways of doing things.

Our extensive list of interesting career ideas to think about is in no particular order. It is divided into several categories based on personality types and general interests.

  1. Animator

We all have fun and nostalgic memories of our favorite cartoon characters, whether from television, cereal boxes, or movies. If you see yourself as a creative, artistic, and technically-skilled person, you should try creating the next generation of joyful cartoon memories.

  1. Art Therapist

Imagine that you can help people of all genders, ages, and backgrounds through a healthy and specific form of artistic expression. An art therapist works with individuals to work through issues they are facing through the medium of art.

  1. Branding Consultant

Starbucks, Pepsi, Nike, Timex, Subway: behind each of these famous and successful companies is a branding consultant. They really know what they are doing. If you understand people well and you are creative, you may have a great chance to make it as a branding consultant.

  1. Caterer

To take your next dinner party to a new level - even without attending culinary school - try yourself at this position. Caterers work hard, paying attention to the slightest detail of the

operation, but they get the reward of enjoying the feeling of satisfaction as they prepare the dinner of their clients' dreams.

  1. Smart Vending Machine

You can work as a smart vending machine attendant without formal qualifications, although some training may be useful as a course in the electrical machine. You can get into this job in two ways: applying directly and through apprenticeship. As a vending machine attendant, you will maintain and stock vending machines, as well as collecting money from coin boxes.

  1. Chocolatier

There is barely anyone who doesn't like chocolate. If you are a true chocolate fanatic, then maybe you need to consider being in this role. Far more than just a simple chocolate maker, as a chocolatier, you are a trained chef with specialization in all things chocolate, from recipes to artistic creation and history.

  1. City Planner

Ever played Sim City as a kid? Play for hours and hours? Well here is an opportunity to make that game a reality! Honestly, there is absolutely nothing simple and easy about this occupation, but if you are attracted to scheduling, complex planning, and responsibility, then your search ends right here!

  1. Columnist

If you like to offer an opinion, did you know you can get paid for it? As a columnist, you have to analyze, inform, and provide your opinion, often with humor, sarcasm, and a distinctive personal style.

  1. Conservationist

The Earth needs people who really care about water, land, and other resource conservation. If you find your passion in this, your search for an occupation ends here. Conservationists can be seen as the connection between our planet and those people who want to use the water and resources on it. A conservationist's job is to protect the Earth, make everyone happy, and keep the community healthy.

  1. Curator

If you have a passion for history and a desire to preserve its heritage for future generations, this may be the ideal choice for you. In the position of curator, you have to collect important and essential cultural heritage, which can range from artwork to documents, and you also have responsibility for their safekeeping and displaying.

  1. Dance Instructor

You wanna get paid to teach people dancing and increase their confidence? They can look less awkward with your help! This is a career that also helps you stay in shape, and keep your energy up.

  1. Design Engineer

If you believe in yourself and that nothing is impossible, and you are not afraid to keep trying again until you find a proper solution to bring new ideas to reality, a career as a design engineer may suit you. Design engineers use engineering principles, math, and creativity to transform clients' wishes into reality.

  1. Dog Walker

A dog walker is an occupation where you can express your respect and love for dogs while making a living. Dog walkers are usually self-employed, have flexible schedules, and the absolute freedom to choose their clients.

  1. Entertainment Reporter

If you closely follow media, pop culture, or entertainers' lives, why not choose a career as an entertainment reporter? Entertainment reporting is an ideal career for people who are extroverted, self-driven, and who can easily turn any story, review, observance, or simple interview into something amusing and amazing to readers.

  1. Florist

Flowers are, of course, associated with the saddest and happiest times in people's lives. As a florist, you play an essential part in people's most precious memories. Flower arrangement and care requires a patient and artistic individual with the knowledge of how to bring other people's vision to life.

  1. Furniture Designer

If you love to use your hands and mind to create functional yet stunning products, you should consider designing furniture. Can you imagine the satisfaction and joy when you see your work provide people with happiness and comfort in their homes?

Final Words

The opportunities to create a cool and enjoyable career now are more numerous than ever. So start thinking about what kind of role attracts you, and take action to achieve success!