10 Marketing Strategies Every Future Marketer Should Learn

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 2, 2018

Jul 2, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

Do you love introducing the world to new products and services? Then, you're certainly onto something if you're considering a career in marketing. And the best thing about your new field of practice is that it offers unlimited avenues for learning and advancement.

Out of all the prevalent marketing strategies out there today, there are ten that should pique your interest. It begins with a thorough understanding of your audience and continues on to brand building measures, digital marketing, and more.

Ready to know your role? Then let's get started with ten strategies or fields of interest that you'll definitely want to leverage in the near future.

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Even though you're going to market and share products with the world that you know and love, it's more important that you know and love the people whom you want to receive your message.

Start by understanding which social media platforms they spend the majority of their time on. Also, what type of content are they sharing across each of those platforms? Is it long form copy? Is it infographics? Or, are they primarily image and video-driven?

This will also help you understand your target audience's values and aspirations. Once you hone in on that, the goal will be to produce enough content to spread across each of those social media platforms.

2. Embrace Brand Building

What does it mean to build a brand? Everything! Branding will go on to be central to every promotion you run from here to kingdom come. This encompasses a wide spectrum, from product packaging to web design. And, the more consistent your branding is, the more likely your customers will remember you.

How often do we stick to the brands we know? When we're grocery shopping, many of us pick out those trusted brands we've known for a lifetime and sidestep the brands that have received a bad rap over the years.

Your brand, which is much more than just your logo, is everything. Speaking of which, if you're ever on a team of highly-trained marketers developing a company's logo, don't push color psychology to the side.

Our minds inadvertently associate different colors with different thoughts, feelings, and emotions. So, choosing to incorporate yellow into your logo design might be just the thing to earn your company more clicks.

3. Know Digital Marketing

The days of print ads and TV spots aren't over by any means, but they're not the direction the marketing universe is heading. The umbrella of digital marketing is incredibly expansive and it's vital that you understand the main branches of the family tree.

You've got your social media managers, SEO experts, web developers, sales reps, bloggers, pay per link advertisers, affiliate marketers, and so much more. The thing is, there's no way to step into the world of marketing and advertising strategies without a healthy amount of love for the tech sphere.

Understanding each of these roles will not only keep your knowledge base broad but also allow you to make lateral and upward moves throughout the industry.

4. Embrace Social Media

Think about the endless hours we spend scrolling through our News Feeds. And then, consider the two billion users that log on and off of Facebook every month. Simply put, there's no better way to reach out and touch the world than through social media.

Your blog posts will be equally important, as long as they're providing robust (and helpful) content. But, guess where they're going to go after they've been published? Onto each of the company's social media platforms.

It's the fastest and easiest way to move your content across the screens of hundreds, if not thousands, of social media accounts each and every day.

5. Leverage Facebook

Facebook is, indeed, still the leader. Instagram is always hot on their heels but if there's any marketing tool you want to become an expert in, it's Facebook.

People pay attention to their friends' recommendations. So, when you come across a Facebook business page loaded with five-star reviews and contented customers, know that business is leveraging Facebook -- and wisely. A couple of Facebook ad campaigns could put you right at the top of your industry, too.

6. Blog Like a Beast

Writing fresh, new content, or hiring a freelancer to keep your blog robust, is the name of the game. When the day comes that a customer learns something truly meaningful from your blog, know you've done something right.

Sure, you might want to plug a product or two on your company blog, but don't make that the primary purpose. Make education the goal. So, if your company sells yoga products, don't just push that amazing yoga mat your company created.

Talk about the mind, body, and health benefits of yoga. Share links to yoga events going on around the country that customers might enjoy. They'll get the sense that you're really in this for the good of the people, not just the good of the company's checking account.

7. Make Analytics Your Friend

The thing about digital marketing tactics is that they're easy to analyze. Why did this Facebook ad work; why did that Twitter campaign flop. Try your hardest to become an expert analyzer.

This will help you save the company time and money -- two of the most precious commodities. You won't keep running that Facebook ad campaign that received low traction if you realize your customers prefer content containing "feel good" stories over "did you know" stories, as an example.

Or how about those banner ads? You won't keep investing in these types of promotional strategies if you understand why they didn't work last time. No matter what tactic you're employing, it's endlessly beneficial to be able to pull up some auto-generated analytics to help you see which direction you should take next.

8. Understand Sales Promotion Tactics

What kind of incentives will your target audience respond to the most? Is that an online code? Loyalty incentives?

One thing everyone loves is an "enter to win" sweepstakes. And, with social media, it's never been easier. Have you seen those campaigns out there that ask customers to tag three friends in the comments for a chance to win a free bundle of goodies?

That's a free sales promotion tactic that's sure to generate new leads and start a little fun. You can make those promos even more exciting by asking customers to answer a question in the comments for a chance to win that coveted bundle.

Ah, the power of social media. It touches lives without ever touching the company's bottom line.

9. Know Direct Marketing

Although we tend to discard e-mail newsletters when we can see it all captured out there on social media, the days of direct marketing aren't entirely over. Diehard fans aren't likely to hit the unsubscribe button if they really enjoy your products or services. So, e-mail marketing campaigns haven't been totally eviscerated by social media... yet.

Also, don't forget about all that brand building we spoke about earlier. Packaging is considered direct marketing. It catches the eye and entices the mind. If your company owns a traditional brick and mortar, sales displays and signs will also be important.

As we continue to migrate toward a digital society, stay in-tune with a handful of "old school" marketing practices because very few promotional strategies are completely obsolete. Many are just making their way out the door, but you still want to be familiar with them.

10. Love Helping People Learn

What it all boils down to is that you're embarking on a career that's going to introduce the world to new products and programs that will change their lives. Having a deep-rooted desire to get out there and help people learn rests at the heart of everything you do.

Enjoy talking to customers in the comments section on Facebook. Get excited when you publish a new YouTube video because customers are going to learn something beneficial from that tutorial. Marketing is very, very powerful. And, hopefully, you'll enjoy every day at the helm.

Keep These Marketing Strategies In Your Pocket

We hope you'll keep these marketing strategies in your pocket wherever life takes you next. When you're ready to take the step from marketer to marketing manager, these tips might help you succeed.

With that passion and fire to help people learn burning bright within, it'll only be a matter of time before your company wants to escort you through the ranks into a highly successful new role. And we wish you nothing but the best.