Exploring the Top 5 Unconventional Job Opportunities

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 28, 2020

Jul 28, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

A delve into some of the best “unique” jobs out there. We can all agree that 2020 has been an unconventional year. For the last decade, the world of work has been gradually shifting to accommodate a wider digital presence for each and every organisation, firm, or company. We don’t even use CVs as much as we used to, we opt for LinkedIn as a great way to job hunt (and be hunted). Then came Covid-19, driving the last of the digitally resistant firms out there into a work-from-home culture they never saw coming. Thousands of people were laid off during lockdown, thousands more had no jobs to go back to. The point of all of this? Change is here, whether we like it or not. What we suggest is that you seize that change and work it to your advantage. Switch up that career, mix up those expectations, and use this time to apply for jobs you would never have considered before. You only live once… so why not grab the advantage and hold on with both hands. Let’s explore some of the best unconventional job ideas to help get you back into the world of work.

The Top Unconventional Jobs That Need You

When it comes to unique roles in interesting places, it doesn’t get much better than these…

1  – Panda Breeder

 Would you believe us if we told you that this species is on the way back up from near extinction - thanks to panda breeders – would you rush out and try this role? The Giant Panda is China’s national animal and are notoriously difficult to breed. A centre in China have managed to successfully breed 206 cubs, even though a female Giant Panda is only fertile for two or three days a year, in springtime. To be a panda breeder, you need to study hard, get to know all you can about the breed, and be willing to get your hands dirty for two-three days in springtime. At the end of it all, you need to play both midwife and nursery nurse to the cutest children in the world. If this sounds like a career you could get used to, this video by Mundane Glory will help. The video goes through all the ins and outs of the giant panda and looks at the Chengdu breeders.

2  – Art Therapist 

The modern world Is not only digital, it is also medically advanced, particularly around the mental health and recovery sectors. Art is known to boost self-confidence and self-expressions, in a healthy, calming way. This is particularly helpful in rehabilitation centres who deal with recovering addicts, those suffering from mental or emotional disorders, and is useful in a myriad of other places. To become an art therapist you will require the relevant qualifications (which differ from state-to-state, but generally include a degree in art and a degree in psychology) and as many certificates or course completion merits as possible. However, if you love art and have a passion for psychology? Seize the day.  

3  – Robotics, Engineering, and AI 

This is an expanding world of digital growth that represents the next stage in computer integrated workforces. In English, AI, robots, and their use in the workforce are the next step in digital evolution. Don’t get the wrong idea; there isn’t going to be a Judge Dredd any time soon - but you can expect to see big data bundles being processed by AI that has enough understanding to send the relevant data to the relevant department of the When you mention robotic learning, people tend to get a little carried away. A carer in AI, robotics, and/or engineering, shouldn’t be thought of as some sort of science fiction pursuit. It is robots we use to penetrate Fukushima, to go where it is unsafe for humans to go. It is AI that powers our video games. To be involved in this sector is to become one of the architects of the future. Don’t be fooled… but do get a master’s degree.

4  – Meteorologist 

Meteorology has experienced mass growth in the last few years. This can be accounted to the changes taking place in the climate, pushing a projected growth of 12% job availability by 2026. So while other career paths are dying out, meteorology is doing its best to create new work. A meteorologist collects and analyses weather data using a variety of equipment types, such as radar, satellite images and atmospheric changes. They are the people who support the weather forecasters on TV but have more recently gained purchase as climate experts… a group sorely lacking as we move forward with sustainable resources. To take part in this unconventional career you will need to be educated. You will start with a BSc in Mathematics, Science, or Engineering, then pursue the MSc in Meteorology. You might need further education if you want to teach it or go into research.

5  – Master Distiller 

Finally: who doesn’t want to oversee the making of their favourite liquor or brew? A Master Distiller is in charge of everything from sourcing the reagents used in the mixing process, to overseeing the day-to-day distillation process. Quality control is part of it, so you will get to taste the wares occasionally. However, if you are interested in product development and high-quality production processes with excessive attention to detail, the career of Master Distiller is open to you. How do you get to be a Master of Distillation? Usually, you will be required to spend some time as a distiller on the floor before you get promoted. A distiller is focused on the distillation process, protecting casks until they reach full maturity. It is a calm, patient career, that you can find out more about via Carling… who better to ask but a master brewery themselves?

Top Paying Unconventional Jobs are Out There

If you have the will to seize this huge world shift towards the digital and claim it as an opportunity of its own; inexplicably brilliant things will happen for you. This has been the toughest year yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t adapt to the change and come out on top. The choice is yours… sink or swim? When you are ready, you will find us breeding pandas and building robots.