What to Look for in an Employer and Company

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 9, 2020

Jul 9, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

When you enter the world of employment, there are several ways you can approach it. Some methods are more successful than others because finding a job is more about just being comfortable with the responsibilities you face. You also need to be comfortable in your working environment. Hence the reason for this modest guide when searching for the right employer. If you have skills to sell, you want to sell them to companies that share your vision. Otherwise, you could end up more frustrated than satisfied with your work situation.

Keep the following in mind when you scout for companies you want to apply to.

  1. Does The Company Have Values You Can Appreciate? 

Nobody can tell how long you are going to work with the same company. But when you get a foot in the door, you probably hope the position is permanent. However, it is important to look at the values of the company before you make any permanent plans. For instance, is the company a good example of what hard work and dedication look like? Or maybe you are drawn to companies that work toward a bigger purpose, such as lowering the risk of global warming? Check their website for a corporate social responsibility page similar to this one on Elf925 .A clear CSR page showcases what is important to them.

When you share the same general morals, vision, and values as the company you work with, there is a good chance your professional relationship will develop. In cases where you don't share the same vision or values, expect more turbulence and unnecessary challenges. 

  1. Can You Relate With The Company Culture? 

Just like employers make it a priority to look at the cultural fit of candidates, you should do the same. Because how you fit into your environment and the company vision plays a key role in how happy and successful you will be. For example, do you prefer a relaxed space to work in? Or do you concentrate better within a corporate office setting? 

The cultural fit is definitely an element to think about before making any final decisions. Sure, it is good to move out of your comfort zone. But it is something completely different to put yourself in what could feel like a hostile environment. 

  1. What Are Your Team Members Like? 

Another important aspect of finding the right company focuses on your co-workers. And given that you are going to spend a lot of time with them, it is necessary that you get along with them. Of course, summing up an individual through one conversation is not exactly realistic. But this is why you pay particular attention to first impressions. No, you do not have to become best friends. However, does the team seem like a group of people you can develop with? 

  1. Does The Opportunity Exist To Learn? 

Something you want to focus on early in your career is learning as much as possible. Which is why you want to work with a company that provides this opportunity. The last thing you want is to stagnate in an entry-level position, right? And the only way to move up is by broadening your horizons through learning. But this cannot happen if the company is persistent in keeping you where you are. In other words, you are not going to develop your career. 

  1. What Does The Future Look Like? 

Unless you are only looking for experience by interning or a temporary job, it is recommended to consider your possible future at the company. Does it make room for employees to move up within the organization and how far can you get? At the end of the day, you want to know you are getting somewhere. You also want reassurance that you are in control of your professional future, which is what you get with the right company. 

  1. Are The Managers Good Motivators? 

As mentioned earlier, you are going to spend a lot of time at work. This means you are going to invest a lot of yourself into the business you work for. Thus, it is natural to expect some appreciation from your manager or employer. Does the company you get an offer from have a reputation for maintaining employee motivation? Do the managers give credit where credit is due? 

  1. How Stable Is the Company? 

Nobody expects a business to always do well. But it is the manner in which companies handle the tough economic times that help them to build stable reputations. So, in addition to wanting stability regarding your monthly salary, you also want to know the company can stay profitable down the line. While there are no certainties in business, a solid track record does say a lot about the company. 

  1. Does The Company Support Your Development? 

For the most part, your success depends on your dedication. But this does not mean the company you work for cannot offer assistance for reaching success quicker. A good example would be in-depth training courses, training resources and feedback on your performance. These are critical factors that play into your overall career development. More importantly, they form part of your future success. In addition, businesses like Yellow Dot Design are also providing development in extra areas that allow employees to support the social causes they feel passionate about. This can be a big draw.

  1. How Extensive Does The Company Train? 

You always want to think about the future, especially when it comes to the company you work for. And in this particular case, you want to ask questions based on the extent of the training being offered. Will the company provide training for possible future positions? And how much are you going to learn from the position you occupy? 

  1. Are You Positive About The Challenges? 

The only way to develop and grow is to keep challenging yourself. Does the company you got the offer from share this opinion? Because you need to be excited about the challenges if you are going to break through them. In other words, you want to work with a company that allows you to show initiative. 

When you have the options, take the time and do the research. Yes, money is important. But it cannot be the dictating factor if you plan on achieving bigger and better things.