How to Start a Career as an Influencer

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 25, 2020

Jun 25, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

If you’re looking for a big business opportunity, one that continues to grow and trend like crazy, you should seriously consider the benefits, and the profits, of influencer marketing. It is estimated that on average a person sees nearly five thousand ads each day. And how many of those ads does she or he pay attention to? Not a lot. So marketers are always on the lookout for a better way to engage consumer interest, for more efficient methods of getting their brand message out there in a way that will resonate with potential customers and create a positive buzz. Target markets are kind of like what Mark Twain said about the weather -- everybody talks about them, but nobody does anything about them. But that all changes when a legitimate influencer is brought into the game. It is literally a game changer for consumers, marketers, and brands. As well as for the influencer -- who stands to reap hefty fees and see his or her influencing power expand and thus become even more valuable. If ever there was a cyber win-win situation, this is it.


This is not about cute Instagram photos or YouTube personalities that like to blow their own horn and proclaim themselves premier influencers. Not that there’s not a place in marketing strategies for such things. But the people who like to label themselves as influencers on those media channels are usually just shooting stars -- here today and gone tomorrow. Savvy marketers know that in order for brand recognition to sink deeply into the consumer consciousness it needs to be around longer than two days and offers something both sincere and substantial, not just toys and games. Performance is what counts when it comes to being an influencer that has staying power. And there’s no better or more efficient way to gain that kind of influence and staying power than with the written word. They say that one picture is worth a thousand words -- but fifty words, if written with style and placed in the proper context can move consumer mountains.


Bloggers do have a stake in the influencer arena. If you prefer platforms like WordPress and Squarespace to the mainstream social networks, you can still succeed in influencer marketing. In fact, you may be even more attractive to marketers, simply because, as a blogger, it’s possible to work with people not only on your blog, but all your social handles as well. Here’s what you need to know about becoming an influencer as a blogger (and making money at it).

Bloggers can have an enormous impact when it comes to influence. Creating valuable copy generates social mentions, and your audience will pick up on a good quote or paragraph and run with it like a dog with a bone trying to escape the pack. The momentum of publicity can be both enormous, positive and potentially a financial windfall; or it could be negative as was seen with the BSA filing for bankruptcy earlier this year. So don’t make the mistake of so many influencer wannabees and ignore the written word. Whether you write it yourself or farm it out under your name, the potential is there to go beyond ‘influence’ into the ‘legend’ sphere. The great thing for influencers about the written blog is that it’s a niche space on a platform that has not yet been oversaturated to the point of consumer boredom. A snappy little written piece can still pierce the most hardened shell of the most cynical consumer. That’s because the written words still have a cache of authority and respectability that video and memes never possessed. Influencers would be well advised to remember that and take full advantage of it. If you’re serious about your influencer career you’d better start thinking in terms of blogs and writing -- because that’s where marketers and their clients are going to be shopping around for their next superstars.

Here’s how it works.

Realize first of all that blogging and SEO are like Siamese Twins -- you can’t have one without the other. And while some marketers sneer at the effectiveness of SEO, the smart ones, who are making most of the money, realize that SEO is here to stay and going to make a comeback in ways that will amaze the nay-sayers. And SEO does not work with Instagram or Snapchat. It works somewhat with YouTube and Twitter -- but far and away the most effective vehicle for SEO is the blog. With the right keywords, your blog can be seen, and, more important, considered, by hundreds of thousands of viewers.


Next you need to join an influencer network so that all of your future posts are sponsored. Let’s be clear about this: Don’t throw away any more of your words for free. That’s for amateurs and ‘artists.’ You are neither the one or the other -- you are a working stiff whose influence is already such that your recommendation will sway the buying habits of consumers. An influencer network will help you make all the right connections to begin that profitable career.