5 Fast-Growing Tech Careers With High Demand

Written by
Rebecca Smith

May 27, 2020

May 27, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

The future of the tech industry is one that’s very bright and continues to grow in demand as the world becomes more digitized. Just look at how the world uses technology on a daily basis… Computers, smartphones, and tablets have become an obsession all over the world, and most people feel completely lost without access to technology. That reason alone is why the world is so dependent on professionals in the tech industry who possess the necessary skills to fuel the world’s obsession with the phenomenon known as technology.


One of the best aspects of the tech industry is not only that the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the industry to grow at a rate of 12% by the year 2028 but research from CompTIA suggests that the industry has the potential to reach $5.2 trillion this year! Those statistics alone tell you that the tech industry is not only here to stay but that there is also money to be made.

Why You Should You Consider a Career in the Tech Industry

If you think about how you spend most of your day, you’ll realize that you spend the majority of your day at work; about one-third of it… And because most of your day is spent working, you want to make sure you’re working in a career that you can enjoy. 


This is extremely important because it plays a significant role in your career advancement opportunities, salary, flexibility, and more importantly, a good work-life balance. All too often, people work jobs they’re unhappy with, leaving them feeling overworked, unappreciated, and underpaid… That reason alone is why half of America is unhappy in their jobs.


With a career in the tech industry, you can expect all these positive perks:


  • Flexibility: Lots of jobs in technology allow you to work in an office or from home 


  • Career Advancement Opportunities: Because the industry is constantly growing, that leaves room for growth opportunities to explore new areas of technology


  • Great Pay: High demand means high salaries… With tech skills being a hot commodity, you’re going to be paid well for the knowledge and skills you possess


  • Innovation: The tech industry is a constant learning opportunity, and as technology advances, so will your skillset


Biggest Perk

For most people, they love the pay and flexibility that the industry brings, but the biggest perk is the job security that comes with it being such a high demand industry. Tech workers have peace of mind in knowing that they’ll be able to find a job anywhere because all industries use technology.


Every industry from the medical field and automotive industry to travel and e-commerce industries, all of these require individuals skilled in technology. Some of those fields even overlap in technology demands! For example, take the world of e-commerce…


In the e-commerce industry, you will not only need the technical know-how to build a website and run your web-based business, but on top of that, you’re also going to need the appropriate marketing skills to drive traffic to your site to grow your business as well. 


Business owners hire companies and individuals who have extensive experience in content marketing, digital advertising, and PR and link outreach to help them gain the online visibility they need. So, as you can see, the tech industry goes way beyond the margin of computers… the tech industry is needed in ALL industries.


If you’re seriously considering a career in the tech industry, here are five of the fastest-growing careers in the industry that you want to keep your eyes on.

Fastest-Growing Careers in the Tech Industry


  1. Data Scientist

Salary: $120,940-Median

Education/Training: Masters or Doctorate in IT, Physics, or Computer Science

Job Description: To collect, analyze, and interpret complex datasets by utilizing predictive analytics, statistical computing, and machine learning to meet a company’s purpose. As a data scientist, your duties will vary according to industry but may include analytical experiments and developing statistical learning models for data analysis.  

  1. Back End Developer

Salary: $72,000-Median

Education/Training: Bachelors in Computer Programming of Computer Science

Job Description: Responsible for creating, coding, and improving the server-side web applications and databases to create a smooth experience for the front-end user. Some responsibilities may include compiling and analyzing data and codes, formulating more efficient processes, and monitoring industry developments.

  1. JS Developer

Salary: $78,500-Median

Education/Training: Bachelors in Computer Science

Job Description: Responsible for the programming, developing, and implementing of applications and software of the programming language Java. As a JS developer, you may work alongside front-end web developers to analyze and determine the visual elements of various web applications. Some responsibilities may include developing new user-facing features and optimizing web applications.   

  1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Salary: $75,000-Median

Education/Training: Masters or Doctorate in Computer Science or Cognitive Science

Job Description: Responsible for the many facets of developing and programming computers to “think” like humans. As an AI specialist, you have the opportunity to work in numerous fields and must be knowledgeable in programming, systems analysis, and fluent in various computer languages. 


  1. Cybersecurity Specialist

Salary: $133, 583-Median

Education/Training: Bachelors in Computer Science, Information Systems/Technology (but not required by all employers)

Job Description: To assist businesses and organizations in the protection against unauthorized user access by providing security during the development of software systems, applications, and networks. As a cybersecurity specialist, you will be searching for vulnerabilities and high-risk opportunities in the hardware and software of various businesses to lessen or remove the threat of access to sensitive information from unauthorized users.


It’s one thing to work a “job” but to work a job that not only pays well and has a bright future is a career worth investing in. Whether you’re unhappy in your current career or simply need a change in job scenery, consider a career in the tech industry… the endless learning opportunities and job security in multiple industries will provide you the success and peace of mind to succeed in a career field that’s here to stay and will continue to push the world forward.