How People are Dealing with Unemployment in 2020

Written by
Rebecca Smith

May 1, 2020

May 1, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

With the current calamities caused by Covid-19, there has been an unprecedented amount of unemployment in the United States. With workplaces shutting down, closing their doors, or postponing production, millions of Americans are looking for work or an alternate source of income. On the contrary, with classes going online, youth and young adults now have more time on their hands than has previously been given. Many people are looking for long term employment, and avenues onto said path, while others simply desire a short term endorsement, able to provide them a pay stub until they resume their work or are able once more to attend school. Luckily, staffing agencies provide the solution for both parties. Acting as a middle man between businesses looking for employees and individuals looking for work, a staffing agency will connect both parties and produce temporary work and work force; something more applicable than ever in these trying times.

Temporary work has become more and more applicable in these past months with the Corona virus outbreak. With the world in a waiting period, people are looking for a way to stay busy and productive. Although not many companies are looking to hire full time employees for extended amounts of time, projects still continue, and work is still needed. These agencies have a variety of different job opportunities to mesh with varying scenarios. Time length differs, from job to job and can be changed to better meet the schedule of the individual looking for work. So how long do these jobs usually last? They can last anywhere from one day to two weeks. Anything past four weeks is no longer considered temporary employment, however, many of these employers are looking for talent that they may be able to hire on full time indefinitely. They seek talent that they believe may be able to benefit their company. Many employers will bring on temps to “test the waters” and see if they will make a good fit in the environment that they’ve created. As the temporary workers join their force, it becomes a trial period. If they mesh, full time jobs are often offered and extended employment is opened up to those who seek it. On the other hand, if the employee only seeks employment with that company for the allotted amount of time, he is under no obligation to continue in his services to them. Staffing Agencies can then be contacted once more and another temporary placement can be found and extended.

So how much can these jobs pay?

Honestly, it all depends on your interest, experience, and job selection. With a recent study of temporary jobs found in the United States, the average income of a temporary employee was $17 an hour. However, payment has been known to soar all the way to $150 an hour for temporary consulting positions also found at these agencies. Regardless of experience level in a given field or previous work experience, these staffing agencies are able to find work for all who seek it.

So what might one actually require in order to find a job at one of these agencies?

It’s still important to appear professional and well kept. A well written out resume including past work experience, hobbies, interests, talents, and preferences should be formulated and submitted. Based on that resume, the agency will find suitable work in which the employee will contribute their stills and assets, and the business will be promoted by an individual able and capable to increase the productivity or effectiveness of their company. Once a good match has been found and the individual then has the choice to accept the company's proposal. This will include the desired amount of time that they will spend working for their business, the skill sets or abilities required by the employee, and a promised wage will accompany the allotted employment time. Once an agreement has been made and a contract signed, both parties are obligated to fulfill their end of the contract. The business will pay the promised amount and expect their new employee to live up to the reputation that they have created through their resume. This alone is one of the more important reasons why it is so important not to lie or stretch the truth on your skills and previous work experience on your resume. These staffing agencies find work based on these skill sets. If they are not accurate, the proposed temporary work will not be suitable for you. However, if it turns out to be a good match and both parties are happy at the end of the contract, the business may desire to keep their new employee on indefinitely. Now, at this time there is no longer an active contract. If the worker would rather seek new employment or go back to the agency for a new temporary job opportunity, they are able to. However, if they are seeking stable employment and have enjoyed their temp position at said employment, many jobs have been found through temporary employment. They are then able to sign on for a longer lasting career if they so desire.

 So what are the benefits of Staffing agencies and temporary work?

During this time of economic turmoil, many people are seeking temporary work until they can either find something they are passionate about and would like to make a career out of, or until their past job reopens and they are allowed to return to their previous employment. It also provides an avenue for students. Many are looking for summer employment. Maybe they’ve come home for summer and would like to save up money for tuition, or perhaps they simply wish for money to pay rent so that they don’t need to go home! Also, with classes cancelled, and hours cut, people young and old are looking for productive activities and work hours to make up for those lost during this pandemic. Regardless, Staffing agencies are able to find a suitable work experience that will benefit you and others.