9 Work From Home Jobs That Are Legit and Pay Well

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Apr 27, 2020

Apr 27, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

There are so many aspects of a standard 9-5 job that make it difficult or impossible to maintain. The job itself may be fine but the commute, the schedule, the coworkers, and the office environment make it a nightmare.

This is why at least five million Americans have transitioned to working from home at least part-time. If you're hoping to make that transition for yourself, don't get sucked into a pyramid scheme or investment scam. Try these truly legitimate and profitable work from home jobs.

1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a remote version of an administrative assistant. You would likely work for a company or a specific executive. Your duties would include answering phone calls, managing emails, filing forms, and other administrative tasks.

While administrative assisting experience is a plus, many virtual assistant jobs are entry-level. Your work allows companies to offer a personal touch to their customers and contacts, even without a physical office.

There are several ways to a virtual assisting job. You could branch out on your own as an independent contractor. You could also seek a position with companies directly or with a business that hires out virtual assistants to their customers.

2. Software Developer

This is one of the best-paying ways to work from home, but as you may guess, it's also one of the more difficult careers to build.

As a software developer, you would build websites or software tools for businesses and individuals. Technology companies also tend to be at the cutting edge of telecommuting. That means there are many home-based positions up for grabs.

Many companies will require developers to have a degree in a field like computer engineering. However, some will hire developers without degrees if they have a strong history of experience that they can demonstrate. If you prefer the self-employment route, you can also work for companies as a contractor building their sites and software tools as needed.

3. Freelancer with Any Marketable Skill

If you enjoy the idea of making your own business, freelancing is a great way to jump in. For nearly any marketable skill you have, businesses may hire you as a contractor for projects.

You don't necessarily need professional experience with your skill to get started, but it helps. The most common freelancing careers include writing, proofreading, graphic design, and data entry. You could also become a consultant for various aspects of a business from HR to marketing.

Of course, be prepared for the financial ups and downs that come with any career as an independent contractor. You'll also need to learn the tricks of staying productive while working from home because you get paid based on what you produce, not the time you spend.

4. Social Media Manager

Social media engagement is a critical way for brands to build awareness and strengthen their businesses. If you have social media marketing savvy, they could use your skills.

As a social media manager, you would handle the brand's various social media accounts. That includes posting often, responding to other users, sharing content, and interacting with followers.

5. Transcriptionist

Transcribing involves taking an audio file or dictated content and typing it out as text. It sounds simple, and in many cases, it is. You can transcribe audio for vlogs and other content with little experience other than an ability to type.

However, the most stable type of transcription career is medical transcribing. Busy doctors dictate their notes about patient visits into a recorder throughout the day. A medical transcriptionist types them out into the patients' records.

Keep in mind that medical transcription positions often require experience or specialized certifications, though these educational programs are often short and manageable.

6. Data Entry Clerk

While many of the careers above require some type of training or experience to get started, there are plenty of careers that are easier to get into. One of them is data entry.

As a data entry clerk, your job would include transferring data from one source to another. For instance, a business may want to transition from physical file storage to digital files. Your job would be to input the data from the physical records into the new system.

Some businesses have a need for ongoing data entry, so they may hire internal part-time or full-time data entry experts. In other cases, you can be an independent contractor. You could also work for a company that takes on data entry projects from customers and assigns them to you as their employee.

7. Translator

If you are fluent in at least two languages, why not put your skills to good use? You can use them to generate a stable income as a translator.

The demand for your skills will depend on what languages you speak. Regardless, though, publishing companies often hire translators when they want to sell published works in new international markets.

There is also the option of working as a self-employed translator. Companies or individuals would hire you on a project-related basis to translate their texts.

8. Customer Service Representative

Customer service has long been known as a job that doesn't require advanced experience. This is still true when you're performing customer service duties from home.

Some remote representatives work for companies that have their own representatives. Others get jobs with call centers that may support several businesses. Either way, you could spend your time answering online chats, phone calls, emails, or all of the above.

9. Bookkeeper

As a bookkeeper, you would handle a variety of reporting and accounting tasks. Of course, you need a background in bookkeeping to some degree.

Some companies are large enough to hire an internal bookkeeper full-time. In other cases, you may offer your services on a freelance basis to smaller companies who don't have 40 hours of work for you each week.

Find Your Favorite Work from Home Jobs

Gone are the days when a successful career involved putting on a suit and spending all day in an office. Thanks to technology and the growing world of work from home jobs, you can make a living in your PJs.

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