15 Tips to Cope with Being Unemployed

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Apr 2, 2020

Apr 2, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

Being unemployed is not an easy thing but one that is becoming a reality for many of us at the moment. It can be very stressful. It can easily take your sense of confidence and the feeling of financial stability you might have had before. The longer you remain unemployed, the more you feel like you are going crazy. But the good thing is there are a lot of things you can do to keep sane even if you are unemployed. While you might have a hard time finding enough motivation to do these things and when you do them, you are going to improve your mental health when searching for a job, and it will also make you a more appealing candidate when you finally get the interviews.


  1. Sticking to a schedule. You should try going to bed and getting up at the same time every day. You should make your job search for a job. You will be focusing on it until the day is done. When you leave your “job” for the day, focus on a different thing instead of focusing on the job hunt all day and all night.
  1. Surrounding yourself with employed people. This might seem counterintuitive because it will be way easier sitting around with unemployed people. When you surround yourself with unemployed people, it drags you down. You should try spending most of your time around people with jobs. They will help in bringing up your spirits and might also help with job leads.
  1. Learning something new. You should try learning something you have always been interested in learning but never had time for. You will be able to remain busy and boost your self-confidence at the same time.
  1. Taking a class in your field. This is going to help with your resume and also help in keeping you busy. You should check out SBA and community organization and see whether there are free local classes.
  1. Change direction. Why not decide to use the opportunity to take up a new career or start training in the area. With the power of the internet you can train at home and become an online personal trainer or even qualify as a lawyer over the web.
  1. Breathing, affirmations, and getting cheesy. Some people are missing out on staying calm and happy through breathing and affirmations because they consider it cheesy. When you put aside ten minutes daily for mindful breathing and say affirmations out loud is going to help you feel better and less anxious. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.
  1. Exercising daily. A thirty-minute exercise is going to get your blood pumping. You will end up feeling better, both physically and mentally.
  1. Eating a healthy diet. You will start to feel better when you start eating a healthy diet.
  1. Talking about the things you are doing. Your mind might be busy with conversations about the frustrating job search. These conversations will start making you feel crazy after some time. You should try talking about the things you are doing, what you have read, and even the things you used to want when you were a kid… anything positive to help you.
  1. Leaning on the people you trust. When you start getting overwhelmed, do not try bottling things. You should turn to the people you trust the most. This doesn’t have to be your spouse or best friend; a great option at this time might be a friend with less investment in your wellbeing.
  1. Celebrating the little things. You might not have done well on the interview, but at least you got to the interview stage. It can be a little hard to be positive, but the effort is going to be worth it.
  1. Setting specific daily goals. While seeing the bigger picture might be hard at this point, you should be achieving daily goals on your job-hunting efforts.
  1. Setting a budget. This can be very frustrating, especially when you have no income. But it will help you feel like you are in control of your finances, which is going to help feel better in the long run.
  1. Going somewhere, anywhere, daily. The worst thing you can do at this time is sitting in your house because you can easily fall into depression. This can be as simple as going to get a cup of coffee, window shopping, or walking a block or two.
  1. Talk to a professional. If you start to notice signs of depression or suffering as a result of depression from unemployment, then it might be a good idea to talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist who will be able to help. While this might seem expensive, consider looking for community programs or even deferred payment plans so you can et the help you need. Your mental health is one of the most important things, and this is why it will be worth the cost.
Being unemployed is tough on your finances, your family and also your mental health and anything you can do to help improve your situation will be of benefit to you and those around you.   Unfortunately, the current crisis at the moment means that being unemployed is something a lot of us will have to live with for the foreseeable future, especially if we work in particular industries. Coping with this in the best possible way may mean doing so one day at a time. We live in a period of time, where the bigger picture is out of our control largely and we simply just need to accept what is going on around us and try to make the best of the situation that we’re in. The tips that we’ve provided above should help you cover all bases and aid you in doing so and will hopefully make it a lot easier for you to get through this period of time and back into employment again.