10 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Digital Marketing

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 28, 2018

Jun 28, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

If you love featuring new and exciting products for the rest of the world to enjoy, then marketing may certainly be the right field for you. And a digital marketing career can take your dreams to new heights.

In recent years, digital marketing has exploded so exponentially, it's created a global digital marketing gap.

That is, mobile platforms, content creation (blogs), social media campaigns, and YouTube marketing campaigns have become monstrously important, but companies aren't hopping on the bandwagon fast enough.

This is where you come in. If a little birdie has been whistling in your ear about the possibility of a career in digital marketing, then get ready to spread your wings and take flight. Here are ten reasons why you should turn that whisper into reality.

1. Pursue Many Avenues

With digital marketing, brand awareness is still the name of the game. However, you're able to do that in many different ways.

Some of the avenues you'll be able to pursue in your career in digital marketing are:

  • Content creation
  • E-mail marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Web analytics
  • Web design

While it's helpful to be familiar with each of these areas, it might serve you well to focus your studies on one area in particular i.e. web design or SEO.

2. Climb a Corporate Ladder

The broader field of marketing covers a wide variety of roles. And digital marketing is no exception.

Perhaps you'll run a hugely-popular Twitter ad campaign. Perhaps you'll garner more Instagram followers than your company has ever seen before.

Maybe you'll move your company's Google ranking from page four of the search result to page one.

As the options abound, let's take a look at the various roles you may want to consider:

  • Web Analytics Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Digital Media Manager
  • E-mail Marketing Manager
  • Sales Director
  • SEO Manager
  • Web Developer

3. Encourage Positive Change

In the past, marketing campaigns were fairly one-sided. You saw a gorgeous ad in a magazine; you watched an entertaining commercial on television; you received a promo in the mail.

With digital marketing, the door swings both ways. When your Social Media Manager asks you to start a Twitter ad campaign, you're going to open up the lines of communication onto a two-way street.

This allows for real-time responses. As you reply to comments on your posts and engage your audience, they're more likely to gravitate towards a brand that gives them the time of day.

4. Build Communities

Although the underlying intent will always be brand awareness, that doesn't remove the fact that you have the ability to bring large communities of people together.

Whether people are joining the conversation on your Facebook page or entering the comments section of your latest blog post, you're opening the door for communication between strangers to share their passion for your products.

5. Enjoy Flexibility

Perhaps you'll start out by working as a Content Writer. In that role, you'll learn about SEO strategies, link building opportunities, and keyword placement, to name a few.

Perhaps you'll do that form a corporate office in Manhattan. Perhaps you'll do that form a hammock in Honduras, as you report into that New York office daily. The same goes for other opportunities.

Positions such as Web Developers and SEO Specialists lend themselves to a virtual workspace. Who knows which opportunity will end up suiting your lifestyle better.

6. Make an Impact On Customer Care

Referring back to that one-way marketing street we used to live on, digital marketing expands horizons, making a bigger impact on customer care.

Reading customer replies, responding to their concerns, posting Twitter polls, and blogging about topics that will be beneficial to the customer create an environment of customer care, which is a little more elevated than basic, "Would you like to place an order?" customer service.

7. Develop a Broader Scope

Similar to the notion of building communities, with digital marketing, you're reaching a wider scope of people.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you can correspond with folks everywhere from Taiwan to Texas.

Being able to rely on a savvy Web Developer to build an e-commerce platform that runs like lightning, you'll be able to care for worldwide customers 24 hours a day, via online chat, Facebook messenger, and a wealth of other opportunities.

8. Be a Company's Golden Ticket

As a digital marketer, you'll be a member of a team that costs the company very little to operate but earns them a whole heck of a lot of cash.

It can cost next to nothing to publish a blog. Likewise, there are means to build up an Instagram following that don't cost a dime.

A Twitter ad campaign can run for a nominal fee. Facebook advertising is well-positioned to bulk up the company's wallet, too.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns are another low-cost endeavor that could yield a high payoff for your company.

You can learn more about the advertising benefits PPC offers any company willing enough to give it a try.

Maybe you'll pitch this to your Social Media manager someday and watch your initiative be rewarded.

9. Offer Instant Analysis and Improvement

So, your Twitter ad campaign was a bust. So, traffic is down on the company's website.

These are all things that can be analyzed, whether you use a free tool like Google Analytics or something more complex.

Being able to assess your target audience and find new ways to reach out to them in real-time is a major feather in your cap, thanks to the wealth of analytics that exist today.

10. Savor Security in Mobility

Being able to work from a laptop in London or a cubicle in Cuba is kind of an exciting prospect, isn't it?

Since you're reaching out to virtual friends and neighbors, you're often looking at a virtual existence, free from the ties that bind us to the 9-5 jobs so many families sigh about over dinner.

Digital marketing isn't going anywhere. In fact, it's growing and expanding each and every day.

Facebook is streaming television shows while Instagram just opened the doors to IGTV.

Companies are launching YouTube channels and running their own video ad campaigns, while startups are blowing the competition out of the water with mobile apps for the ages.

Yes, you can cozy up to that hammock in Honduras, because you've chosen a field ripe with opportunity.

A Digital Marketing Career for the Ages

With each growth spurt in your digital marketing career, new learning and career opportunities will continue to present themselves.

If anything, get ready to have to choose between offers, as opposed to scraping the bottom of the barrel.

As you carve your own pathway to success, we hope you'll continue to come on over and visit our blog. It's jam-packed with everything from nailing that first interview to making a major career change.

No matter your charted course, we've got you covered and wish you tremendous success along your virtual pathway to joy.