5 Ways To Improve The Cybersecurity of Your Business

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Feb 28, 2020

Feb 28, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

With the growth of the digital revolution, companies are worried about their digital security. Information and data are being stolen by hackers leaving organizations a victim of cyber theft. Not just large business owners, even smaller businesses run the risk of a cyber attack. Gartner predicts that worldwide spending on cybersecurity is expected to reach around $133 billion by 2022. Here are five best ways to step up the cybersecurity of your business whether big or small and protect your data.

1- Train Your Employees

Your employees are the backbone of your business. More than 90% of your business rests on the shoulders of your employees. If they are not trained well or don’t know the web security best practices then the chances of becoming a victim of data theft increases. Here are some ways to make your employees care about web security: * Educate your employees about the basics of cybersecurity risk assessment and reward them when they regularly follow those practices. * Perform training exercises from time to time so that they know how to act during critical security emergencies. * Conduct evaluations to identify the vulnerabilities in your employee’s systems. * Communicate with your employees from time to time and stress the importance of security.

2- Patch Up Your Systems

A security patch is highly recommended to keep your computers and laptops safe from cyber attacks. A patch is an update to the software to fix a bug or error that makes your system vulnerable to data theft. Several companies offer patching services where the team visits and apply patches to all the systems in your company. Effective patch management is the key to boost up the entire security of the organization. Patching protects your data, reduces exposure to cyberattacks, protects customer data and avoids lost productivity.

3- Use a VPN

Leveraging the power of a VPN is the best way to strengthen the security of your business. VPN ensures that the privacy of your internet remains, restricting your ISP or anyone else to browse your web logs. A VPN is able to create a tunnel between your devices and the server and all the information or data that is passed is encrypted. This ensures data safety and prevents hacking. However, it is important to choose the best VPN because not all VPNs provide you with the same level of encryption.

4- Secure Your Wifi

You need to establish a secured wifi network to restrict the access of unauthorized users who can make your network vulnerable to data theft and cyber attacks. There is a misconception that wifi is secured by default by this is not true. You need to enable encryption on your wifi or else anyone can access your wifi and start using it. Leveraging the power of WPA2 mode is recommended. Also, make sure to use the Enterprise mode of WPA2 security as its most suitable for an organization having employees. Physically secure your ports and other physical devices and limit access to shared folders. Only people working on the projects should be given access to them. Lastly, use antivirus and antimalware software to keep all your systems secure. Regularly update the software for maximum protection.

5- Create Regular Backups

Backing up your data is essential to restrict the loss caused by any mishappenings or data breaches. We even have a World Backup Day celebrated on 31st March every year. Data backup comes as a great savior if your hard drive crashes or your system becomes a victim of ransomware. There are several ways through which you can back up your data. Some of the recommended ones are: * Using a USB stick as it’s small, cheap and convenient. * Using a hard drive if the data is huge. * Taking the help of a Time Machine in case of a Mac. * Using a free program called the CPP backup.

Final Thoughts

Protection of your business is of utmost importance because it ensures higher productivity and maximum revenue. The best way to implement a good security practice in your company is to document your cybersecurity policies and distribute it to your employees. Use the above five ways to boost up the security of your business and keep your business data safe from the growing cybersecurity threats.