The 3 Most Important Computer Software Skills for Job Seekers in 2019

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 4, 2019

Oct 4, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

There are currently over 7 million job openings in the United States. If you are looking for a great job, the main thing you need to prepare for is competition. With so many people applying for the same jobs, finding a way to set yourself apart is a must.

One of the best things you can do when trying to make your resume stand out to a potential employee is to list your computer software skills. Most modern companies use computers and software on a daily basis. This is why highlighting these skills is so important.

Here are some of the computer skills that can help you land your dream job.

1. Familiarity With Common Operating Systems

One of the most important parts of any business computer network is the operating system (OS) being used. Microsoft Windows and Apple's macOS are just two of the most common operating systems on the planet. Letting a potential employer know about your familiarity with these popular operating systems can help you edge out the competition.

Most business owners view a person with extensive computer knowledge as a better hire than someone without this knowledge. Hiring a tech-savvy person reduces the amount of training a business owner has to provide, which is always a good thing.

2. Knowing how to Use Popular Office Suites Is a Plus

Many businesses use office suites like G Suite or Microsoft Office to maximize efficiency and productivity levels. Generally, this type of software is used to create documents, reports, and spreadsheets. These digital documents can help keep a business and its employees informed and organized.

If you are a bit rusty on how to operate certain elements of the Microsoft Office program, then taking professional Excel training is a good idea. With a bit of professional guidance, you can master this spreadsheet-based program in no time.

3. Show Potential Employers You Can Navigate Communication and Collaboration Tools Easily

One of the biggest trends in the world of small business employment is using remote workers. Business owners have realized that with the power of remote workers, they can get the best and brightest people hired regardless of where they live. An integral part of working as a remote worker is learning how to use collaboration and communication tools like Skype or Slack.

Letting a potential employer know about your previous experience using these tools is a good idea. If they know you have experience with this technology, it may be the push they need to pick you over another candidate.

Invest Time and Money Into Developing Your Computer Software Skills

As you see, having great computer software skills is a crucial part of landing a good job. This is why investing time and money into learning new computer skills is vital.

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