Great Ways to Find the Top Paralegal Jobs Near You

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Sep 23, 2019

Sep 23, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

The legal profession is a great place to work with many opportunities for career advancement.

While the job market looks good and the legal profession promising, even the most qualified paralegals, like yourself, need help landing their next job.

You may also have questions like, What does it take to get my résumé in front of hiring managers? What professional organizations should I join? Where are the paralegal jobs near me?

For the answers to these questions, read on and learn some great ways to find paralegal jobs near you.

Research the Market

If you are seeking employment in a legal practice, research those places in your area to see if your skills match what they're looking for. You may discover that you need further education or certification to qualify.

There are different types of paralegals just as there are different areas of the law. Look for positions that match your skills for corporate, bankruptcy, and personal injury paralegals. Focus your search according to your paralegal certificate.

Always be Networking

Networking is a good practice for anyone, no matter what field they're in. Networking for paralegals involves joining industry-related groups and volunteering for committees--anything that gets your name out there.

There are different paralegal associations in every state. Look for those organizations in your area and become a member. Joining these local associations oftentimes grants automatic membership in the National Federation of Paralegal Associations. Membership in the NFPA comes with benefits such as discounts on convention registration fees and a subscription to National Paralegal Reporter.

Social Media Too

Networking isn’t just face-to-face encounters or attending meet and greets. Social media is a great way to network too. LinkedIn is a networking platform that can give your qualifications a boost and get you seen by legal professionals. Make sure your rank high on searches by updating your accomplishments and using relevant keywords in your profile.

Get Organized

Don’t rely on online profiles only. You need to have a résumé and cover letter at the ready. Create different templates for each type of position you're targeting. Tailor them to specific employers as needed. Legal staffing firms are another great way to get hired. Their goal is to put great paralegals together with great law firms.

Be Prepared

It can take time to find paralegal jobs, so it's a good idea to have money saved before leaving your current position. This makes good financial advice pretty handy during the transition. Websites like Bonsai Finance are valuable resources for information on everything money-related.

Keep Learning

Read blogs to keep up with changes in the industry. Focus on new trends. Volunteering at a legal aid office is a learning experience too and it helps you gain experience. Nonprofits always need help and this gives paralegals a chance to try new things and learn areas of the law they aren’t familiar with. This could open up new career possibilities while contributing to the community.

Good Paralegal Jobs Are out There

Vigilance is an important quality to have in your job hunt. Keep at it and you'll have your choice of the best paralegal jobs in your area.

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